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Friday, August 21, 2009

Isn't ghost hunting kinda backwards?

On Wednesday night, I watched a show that is new to me, Ghost Hunters. However, even though I hadn't seen this particular show before and I was not familiar with this specific crew of investigators, the genre never seems to change.

First, they go somewhere with a spooky history. A local historian/employee/family member tells the team about the supposed hauntings experienced there. The team then sets up a lot of monitoring equipment, splits into smaller groups, and turns out all the lights to wander around in the dark.

The ghost hunters visit specific creepy areas, calling out names, beckoning the spirits to communicate in some way. Then when they hear a noise, the jump like little girls, pee themselves, and then ask each other if they heard that. In the end, they almost always find at least some evidence to support the specific stories.

Isn't this the worst possible way to conduct a supposedly scientific investigation?

It's the equivalent of calling Sears and telling them your fridge died. The repair dude may take a look, the light doesn't come on, it isn't cooling and he agrees that the fridge is no longer functional. After the new one is ordered, it won't turn on either! And you realize it's because your house is haunted the breaker has flipped or popped or whatever it is that breakers do. But of course repair dude never checked that because you told him the fridge had expired.

It seems that if these "scientists" really wanted to conduct an above-board investigation, at most they might ask the local expert for a few areas to focus on. They can then wander around in the dark, monitor, attempt to call out spirits, and then, after reviewing their data for anomalies, talk to the expert for specific stories. The final step would be showing the data to the local to see if any of it lined up.

The show would have to be edited a lot differently but it could work. That is, assuming these guys are for real. What? Why has nobody thought of this before? Probably because I'm just that brilliant it would expose their lies. And more importantly, ruin the fun of the scary show that people (including me) seem to enjoy so much.

P.S. It is totally fine that I drew a correlation between ghost hunters and repair guys even though I objected to Joe drawing a correlation between me and a Buick. Because this is MY blog. And also I didn't call anyone clunky!


C. Beth said...

It's nice not to call anyone clunky, but I agree that their "investigative" method is...well, clunky.

Strange Mamma said...

Funny thing is, they guys that started the whole Ghost Hunters thing (at least the TAPS version that I used to watch) are totally repair/plumber dudes. I saw one episode where they actually told the poor frazzled owner of the house that all the banging and clattering that had been coming from the basement of her 'haunted' house was the air in the pipes. She was so not impressed.

Intense Guy said...

There is a correlation between a ghost hunter and a repair dude.

The is thought to have fridge "died" and "expired" so the repair dude is called to either determine why it died...and perhaps bring it back from the dead - or maybe just perform an exorcism and banish the remains to another (junk) world.

But hey you got to love it when those supposedly scientific people squeal and pee their pants. :)

Tori_z said...

That's why I don't watch those shows. They're are so obviously put on. I don't doubt that some - or, perhaps even all - of the places are haunted, but there's no way the ghost(s) can definately show up exactly when they call it/them. I mean, ghosts exist, but it's a bit odd that they just happen to be there at the exact time it's going to appear, and they just happen to havve the camera in the right room, and they just happen to be scared by noises or glimpses of things that just happen to be the same as people have already told them will be found there. Now, if they went in there first and saw or heard this stuff, then spoke to people afterwards, then I might believe it wasn't put on.

Mr. Condescending said...

Lol yes these are the plumbers/ghost scientists!

Maybe if the ghosts need to take a crap and the toilet is backed up, they can kill two birds with one stone!

kimber p said...

omg Cate...PLEASE don't snap on my Favorite show!!! I love Jason and Grant and the whole crew of GH :) :)
You'd have to watch more than just one show (the earlier ones where they explain why they do what they do) to get how real they are. They walk into each case skeptical of claims, they'll be the first to tell the owner of the residence if they can debunk the claims of being haunted...I've seen every show and can tell you that they're the real deal.
Ack..I'm gushing about and defending them as if I know them I just LOVE them!!

Anonymous said...

You're right about the format, but I still like to watch that show. What bugs me is the background music they put in when I'm trying to hear the ghost sounds! How dumb! I can't hear the ghost when they do that! Anywho, I don't have an account here, but I enjoyed reading your blog. Ur cute and sassy :) Keep up the good work!

Princess Andy said...

i couldn't focus too much on this post 'cause ghost shit freaks me out.

for realz.

i just pretend that there are no such things as horror movies and haunted houses. denial works sometimes. and for those times it doesn't? we all know where the ativan is, don't we?


p.s. in my purse.

Seansmoma said...

Awww, I love Ghost Hunters. I would defend them but Kimber P seems to have taken care of that. Hehe.

Melissa B. said...

Love the analogy to the Sears Repair could also work the Maytag guy in there, too, couldn't you?

blognut said...

It's like Scooby Doo, only with people.

Robynbeth said...

Oh, my Wednesday nights revolve around Ghost Hunters. Love the show, Jason, and Grant, but I just love all things spooky.

quilly said...

Oh, come on, Cate. If reality actually became a prerequisite for reality shows, no one would watch them!

2cats said...

I have never seen the show. Probably would feel like you do if I did see it.
I lived in a haunted house for a year. It was not fun.

amae d said...

i don't watch reality ghost shows. from where i come from (Philippines) there are real spirit questors (Baguio City) and witch doctors (Siquijor). these are the kind of things you can't televise or rather "commercialize".. i'd only watch these kinds of mysteries on tv if it's on the national geographic, discovery, or the history channel..

PetalsYoga said...

My deep dark secret... I'm addicted to Ghost Hunters. Obsessed really. Now you've made me face the reality of my craziness. I'll never be the same again.
Dang it Cate, why'd you have to be all logical?

Just kidding. Ghostly hugs,