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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your witness, counselor

Rusty and Tonya are preparing their post for First Fursday but they'd like your help.

Do you have any questions for the fuzzbutts? Something you're just dying to know about their daily life? Favorite color? Their view on world peace? What would they do for a Klondike bar? Boxers or briefs?

You can leave your questions in the comments here, email me, tweet me, whatever you like. Just please send them by Friday night because they need to write the post this weekend.

(Maybe one of you can convince Rusty to spill the beans on why he keeps running across the kitchen counter even though he knows better?)

Let the interrogation begin...


C. Beth said...

Favorite food?

Lora said...

do they ever not use the litterbox?

Grand Pooba said...

Do they rub against every doorway in the house? All the corners on my doorways are black from the cats rubbing up against them!

Seriously, do you have to rub against everything?

Comedy Goddess said...

What's it like to have 9 lives?

Princess Andy said...

i saw a crazy show on TLC over the weekend and it had this lady who kept a gazillion cats in her house.

she even had a birthday party for one of them.

and invited people guests.

as a party game, she got her cats high on catnip for some haha's.

it actually was pretty funny. they compared it to dope for humans.

so, my question is this:

does mummy ever give you catnip for her own amusement?
if not, maybe you should ask for some so that the next time her and the short haired human go away for the weekend the hours will just fly by!


Anonymous said...

Cats often seem to hear or see things that people don't. Since your kitties are so communicative, please ask them if they can see or hear ghosts...? Hey, wouldn't it be fun for those Ghost Hunters to take along their kitties!! ... Eeeks!!!

And do they have psychic abilities? Kitties always know who doesn't like them, that's always who they 'go for' too.

Strange Mamma said...

When everyone's at work, do you surf the web looking for new LOLhumans? You know, like "I can has catnip!".

a corgi said...

how do they feel about dogs? friend or foe??


Moxie said...

Have you guys ever hacked up a hairball in your mommy's shoes before? If not, have you considered trying it? *he... he... he...*

Quilly Unshuttered said...

Please share your favorite recipe.

blognut said...

Ask them what annoying habits their humans have, and promise not punish them for being honest!

Rena said...

Would either your cats look evil with a mustache, or would they vaguely resemble a janitor?

(Just going for most for most random. This should be interesting...)