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Friday, September 18, 2009

Déjà Vu

Today, I'm having an endoscopy. For the most part, I'm not too worried. I've had one before (back in 2007) and it wasn't too bad. But what's fun is the sedation. To give you a feel for what today will be like for me (and mostly for Joe), I'm going to link to a post from January: SWYMM: Anesthesia Edition. That post will probably be new to a lot of you.

If you're looking for more new content today, please check out Never Fall Away (my somewhat creative blog) and Feast My Face (my food blog).

Or join me on Twitter. Because when I'm semi-conscious, who knows what I'll end up babbling.

Have a great Friday and come back tomorrow for Six Word Saturday!


mo.stoneskin said...

I'll join you on twitter my friend, I'm hoping that medicinal influences lead you into discovering a cure for Mondays. Wait. It's Friday isn't it?!

Matty said...

Wish you the best. Fingers crossed here.

soulbrush said...

and here's hoping all the results from this are positive. when i come out of anaesthetic i just wanna sleep.xx

blognut said...

Good luck, Cate!!!

PetalsYoga said...

Hope it goes well and you get great NORMAL results.



robin said...

Oh, I've had that done a couple of times. it's a little nerve-wracking leading up to the whole thing but it ends up being totally okay since you're knocked out for it. As you know! :) Good luck and hope everything turns out okay.

a corgi said...

take care of yourself!!! hoping you get good results :)


cherie said...

good luck, my dear.

C. Beth said...

Really hope it went to check your Twitter feed.

shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...

i hope it did go ok!

peace, blessings and good health to you

best wishes