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Friday, September 04, 2009

Furst Friday: Interview Part 2

Tonya, of course, had to hog "First Fursday" so here I am completing my half of your interview questions on Friday. Hope you're all still out there. I'd be really sad if nobody reads my post today.

Moxie: Have you guys ever hacked up a hairball in your mommy's shoes before? If not, have you considered trying it?

Hairballs are much more Tonya's department than they are mine. Have you seen her fur? In the past few weeks though, I did gobble down my crunchies too fast one day and puked them in long-haired human's sandal. She wasn't very impressed with me but it was totally an accident. If I don't eat fast, Tonya steals my breakfast!

Anonymous - Cats often seem to hear or see things that people don't. Since your kitties are so communicative, please ask them if they can see or hear ghosts...? Hey, wouldn't it be fun for those Ghost Hunters to take along their kitties!! ... Eeeks!!! And do they have psychic abilities? Kitties always know who doesn't like them, that's always who they 'go for' too.

For someone with no name, you sure posted a really long question. ;) Tonya and I definitely see things the humans don't seem to notice. Sometimes these turn out to be bugs and eventually the humans squash them. But sometimes, I see this nice little old lady in the bonus room and she scratches my ears. I think she lives under the stone in the backyard.

As for psychic abilities, Tonya only seems to have psycho abilities. We both seem to be skilled in reading people but who wouldn't love us? Especially me.

Strange Mamma: When everyone's at work, do you surf the web looking for new LOLhumans? You know, like "I can has catnip!".

My humans usually lock up the computers because we tend to spill things on them. I dream of being famous enough for that cheezburger site some day.

Quilly: Please share your favorite recipe.

We aren't allowed to have access to knives or fire so we don't do much cooking. As for eating, I just chomp down whatever Tonya leaves behind. I guess my favorite recipe would be:
one human
one Rusty

Use one human to scratch gently behind the ears until Rusty reaches purring point. Maintain position indefinitely.

Blognut: Ask them what annoying habits their humans have, and promise not punish them for being honest!

Long-haired human says you are a bad influence. What does that mean? Mostly it's only the short-haired human with annoying habits but they're both guilty of leaving their shoes out where I can barf in them. They also lock me inside instead of letting me on my porch. But by far their most annoying habit is this thing they do called "travel". They're doing it right now and it leaves me alone with Tonya. The world is a scary place without my humans.

Rena: Would either of your cats look evil with a mustache, or would they vaguely resemble a janitor?

I think Tonya's too fluffy to ever resemble a janitor (and she always looks evil) but with the right overalls and hat, I could totally rock that look. Especially with the mustache.

It's been fun, humans. Now I must return to my nap and dream that my humans will soon return to me. Do you know when they're coming home? Please tell me it will be soon - Tonya's taking all the good sleepy spots and not leaving me much to eat. I may starve to death!


robin said...

Two kitties with opposable thumbs and mad typing skillz? Now THAT's talent! :)

mo.stoneskin said...

I can't believe that Cate keeps old ladies under stones in her back yard. I can't believe you don't let the old ladies go free.

blognut said...


Sorry, didn't mean to shout, but has your long-haired human looked in a mirror lately?

Mother of God, Rusty! She punches people in the face at every turn.

*stomping out in a huff*


Leah Rubin said...

Yes, precious, your humans will be home soon to feed you and forgive you! Then you may wish you had your freedom again!

Rena said...

I'm astounded you took the time to answer my entirely ridulous question. Thanks! :D

silver star said...

I have enjoyed reading what you and Tonya have wrote. Absense makes the heart grow fonder, so when the humans get home, they will be very happy to see you, as I'm sure you and Tonya will be.

Moxie said...