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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I could be on Mystery Diagnosis

Sorry I'm so late with the post this morning but I thought I'd bring you all up-to-speed on the joy that is Cate's Medical Experiment.

Herpes Toe is 90% better. The doctor will confirm it's completely clear later this month.

Anxiety has been not too bad lately though it seems I've moved on to depression. However, last night I had my first severe anxiety attack since going on the meds almost a year ago. I thought we were done with that craziness... However, it kept me up until 3am before I could obtain enough control to go to sleep.

Recliners of not death were delivered yesterday and all is well but if Rusty tries to claw them one more time I'm going to make a rug out of him. Also, for the amount of time I was able to spend in them, I slept reasonably well.

Reflux stuff is moving forward towards some sort of result I suppose. The 24hr pH test definitely showed reflux (duh). In addition to ordering blood drawn for a thyroid panel (which resulted in me blacking out), the ENT referred me to a gastroenterologist (who shall henceforth be called Dr Endo). I met Dr Endo this morning and he is awesome (bonus - he has a hot male nurse). He's scheduled an endoscopy for later in the month and depending on the results of that he may want to repeat the horrid 24hr pH study while I'm still taking the meds. Ugh, seriously. Bad news is that after reviewing my information, he's afraid I might be a good candidate for surgery but good news is that he's going to do everything possible to be damn sure surgery will actually fix the problem before we do that.

So that's what's new with your pal Cate. Anyone have a spare body they want to donate to me? Preferably living. And hot.

Sorry this wasn't the most exciting post, especially since you had to wait so long for it. They can't all be winners.

P.S. I would never make a rug out of Rusty. He's far too small. Maybe a hat.


C. Beth said...

Ew, a cat hat.

I mean, Oooh, a cat hat!

Hmm, could the anxiety attack have been linked to health worries? Vicious circle.... Sorry. :(

Snarky A. said...

As I walked in to my office this morning, I caught Devil cat in the act of happily snacking on my brand new boots, and I was thinking of making a pair of slippers out of his mischievous ass. Together, we can start a fashion line: Evil Cats Apparel. Lets also offer people the chance to make their own stuff out of the evil cats in their life, I bet we'll make a fortune!

And, sorry about the panic attack & the medical mysteries. Having dealt with Hubby's health stuff for the last year, I totally understand your frustration. And the panic.

Kat said...

Sending happy thoughts your way. I keep telling Hubby that if I am awoken from a dead sleep by cats licking plastic one more night I am tossing them. Grrrr. Why do we love those darn furballs so? I wonder if suicidal thoughts about cats qualifies as 'worrisome' ??

I had my first panic attack in a year a week and a half ago. Not sure where it came from either.

Princess Andy said...

cat hats and slippers, eh?

PETA would be up your arse so fast you wouldn't know what hit ya'.

but they're a bunch of freaks anyhow, so no biggie.

yay for your toe, icky for your reflux, and a big *sigh* for your depression/anxiety.

love you, sister friend!


TMC said...

Ever noticed how they zoom in and out of close-ups of just one eye on Mystery Diagnosis. Like the Lady Who Howled like a Monkey is sitting there explaining how no doctor thought she sounded like a monkey but more like a hyena and the camera's all zooming in on one of her eyes, for drama or something. Maybe they need a green screen set to make it more interesting.

Sorry you're falling apart and junk but hey, you get to go on vacation soon! (Again!)

soulbrush said...

had an endoscopy/gastroscopy 2 months ago, result (after loadsa money) severe reflux,duh! take these i will not take meds,they always have other side effects so i have aloe vera juice and have cut out bread, sweets, cakes etc and result, reflux much much better and lost weight too...reflux can kiss my ass!!!sorry about yours.

Leah Rubin said...

No-- too many possible "Cat IS the Hat" jokes-- not enough time.

But poor you, with the whole G-E thing. I can totally relate. I've had a bad two years of IBS, but finally got some blessed relief this summer. My doc isn't McDreamy, but supportive and caring and willing to see it through (no pun intended-- colonoscopy-wise.) I ended up writing some little ditties about what I could NOT eat, etc. I know, TMI... Keep your fingers crossed.

Grand Pooba said...

maybe a scarf...

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm sorry to hear about all this, and even sorrier to hear about the certain hatification of Rusty.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

He'd probably make a nice pair of mittens. Warm n stuff.

Quilly said...

I did the Reflux thing and it is not fun. I am pleased to tell you thought that my gastroenterologist knew his stuff and in less than a year things were under control.

Of course, I still have to watch what combinations of food I eat, how much I eat, and how much time I have between eating and bed, but all that is doable to be rid of the the pain, the heart-palpitations, the shortness of breath, light-headedness & the myriad of other horrors.

Dr.John said...

We don't have a cat but keeping the dog off the new couch is a pain.
I hate that period when they are running the tests. I hope you get solid answers soon.

Moxie said...

When you talk about Dr. Endo, I am thinking Endocrinology. Haha. Only kidding.

Hot male nurses are always good. Glad to see that things are looking up.

And, I love Mystery Diagnosis. BEST SHOW EVAR.

silver star said...

My cat keeps my feet warm, so I'm for the slippers.

2cats said...

Cat hat, scarf, slippers, mittens? Oh my!
I had "unidentified face pain" for 10 years and many many MRIs.
Sure hope they figure you out sooner than later.

cherie said...

you are the funniest ever! all right i'd lone you mine, but i'm afraid i'm way too short for your taste, lol!

Sassy Britches said...

Am pleased to see you can say the "R" word now. No hairballs for you. :)