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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rusty's Big Surprise

Since I let the kitties post on their own once a month, I try to keep kitty talk to a minimum. I don't want to be the crazy cat lady who substitutes her pets for human children. This, however, seemed worthy of making an exception.

Rusty is a good kitty with very few exceptions - he likes to retaliate against Tonya's lack of hospitality by chasing her up the stairs attached to her tail, he smashes the blinds in the middle of the night so we'll open the windows, and he poos in the tub.

Yeah, ew, he poos in the tub. Not all the time, mind you. And it doesn't matter if his litter box is in dire need of cleaning, if it's just been scooped, or if it's a completely fresh box. He just randomly decides not to use it and instead hops over it (litter boxes are in the guest bathroom) to use the tub instead.

In the scheme of things, this could be a lot worse - he could barf in my shoes (oh wait, he already did that once). But still, I'd really rather he use the litter box like a proper puddy tat.

We've tried yelling, we've tried scrubbing the tub until it's spotless, we've tried keeping the shower curtain closed. All to no avail. Suddenly, last Friday night, inspiration struck - the whole point of a bathtub is that it holds water. And cats HATE water! Joe immediately ran upstairs and filled the tub with about two inches of water.

The trap set, we waited. And waited. All evening we waited with no results. Off to bed we went, disappointed.

Then around 7am, I was jarred from my sleep by the most horrifying noise! What could that be? Were the cats killing each other? Had Tonya fallen off the stair ledge in her sleep (again)? As I ran up the stairs, the answer came flying down the stairs - Rusty, soaking wet, making a hasty retreat.

He spent quite awhile licking his stripey fur, drying off. And glaring at us. But he hasn't tried to use the tub since so we may have been successful. Now we spend our time praying to the Ceiling Cat of Cheezburgers that we haven't created a new problem by inspiring him to go somewhere else.

Wish us luck.

P.S. I want to make it VERY clear that Rusty was not hurt in any way and there was not enough water in there to be dangerous to him.

P.P.S. And even though I kinda laughed at him, I also felt really bad about doing it. So I hope it's all over now. Poor little dude.


silver star said...

That is hilarious! I hope it worked. My cat seems to poop in places other than her litterbox if I haven't cleaned out the clumps and poop in a day or two. All but once she's thrown up on the carpet.

That's how you can make your millions, figure out a way to teach pets to throw up in particular places, like the toilet, litter box, food dish, tile floors, etc. and teach this method to others for a fee.

WeaselMomma said...

Too bad you don't have video, that would have been awesome to watch.

Leah Rubin said...

Oooh, Rusty, time to clean up your act, man! Let's hope he doesn't find another funky spot to use...

Princess Andy said...

isn't it silly how you have to clarify for all the crazy PETA people that it was only 2 inches of water?

poor little bastard;)

must have been kind of like watching those videos where people get hurt, but yet it's still hilarious at the same time.


C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha--I really love this. It made the point in a non-harmful way. Great job!

a corgi said...

Koda is laughing his head off (remember, he HATES cats)

I think Joe was wise to think of the water in the tub; bet Rusty won't be venturing too close to that area any more to do his business


mo.stoneskin said...

That is so funny. Now really you should have hidden a camera in there to catch the precious moment.

Janet L. Nowlin said...

LOL I think your solution was inspired! I think Rusty would have had to try pretty hard to hurt himself in 2 inches of water. :)

robin said...

You called him puddy tat! That's what we decided to name our rescue kitty. People think it's a little strange but it seemed appropriate!
And good thinking with the water. That'll learn him! ;)

Debbi said...

I like cats, and please don't punch me...

but seriously,
I am laughing my butt off!!!!! I love that you did that. lol. I wish you videotaped it, though!

2cats said...

One of my cats would have gone swimming. She loves the water.
Every once in while one of the cats gets it into her head not to use the potty box. But she poos on my pillow. That is always a nasty surprise.

Kelly said...

I kept meaning to send you this link - "Why Cats Need Humans", written from the cat's point of view. Thought of your furries as soon as I read it :)

Sassy Britches said...

And Tonya will never let him live it down. *grins evily*