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Sunday, September 27, 2009

World Tourism Day

In addition to other "odd" holidays (Ancestor Appreciation Day, Gold Star Mother's Day, National Good Neighbor's Day, World Heart Day), today is also World Tourism Day. Their theme for 2009 is "Celebrate Diversity".

So let's talk international travel. I have no idea if that's what they want us to do today but that's what I want to do. And it's my blog so I win.

I haven't done much international travel but I've enjoyed the little bit I have done. I've been to Western Europe twice - Paris, London, Dublin, western Ireland. Oh, and Canada? Does Canada count? For anything? Besides beer? Not the most diverse countries ever but it's what I've got to work with.

Both trips to Europe have been great. I love taking in new cities, exploring the architecture, food, people. Growing up, I hated history (too many dead people and I had enough of that in my personal present without delving into the past) but I've found that I really enjoy learning about days gone by when I can see and feel it.

Oddly, I think I found more diversity on a few of my US travels than abroad but that's a function of where I've gone and sticking to mostly tourist areas. I found San Francisco to be amazingly diverse - and not just accepting of that diversity but encouraging it as well.

London is probably my favorite city abroad so far. It always feels comfortable and homey to me and even though I'm a complete freak an anxious traveler, it doesn't take me too long to settle back into London.

Our next international trip, maybe in late Spring of 2010, is likely to be back to London and then wandering a bit on the Mediterranean - Spain, Italy, southern France. We've also talked about South America - Argentina, Chile, Brazil.

What about you? In honor of World Tourism Day, what's your favorite city abroad and why?


Constructive Attitude said...

hmm i didnt know it was wtd today. cool. and i agree that u prob might find more diversity in US then anywhere else.

a corgi said...

(gasp) I have never traveled abroad (its getting on that airplane and flying over water that prevents me from probably ever doing so, too, LOL)

but I would like to go and visit Israel some time

my sister/family lived in Amsterdam for 2 years recently for her hubby's work. they loved all the opportunities they had to go and visit lots of different countries since they were so close; that could be fun to do sometime

my brother/wife travel a lot internationally and they always enjoyed Ireland

I have to agree with you; I do believe we have a lot of diversity in many cities here in the United States


Melissa B. said...

I'd love to live in Italy. Wherever I've traveled there, I feel like I'm walking around in a Renaissance painting...

Rena said...

One of the only experiences I've had abroad was on a People to People (think that's the organization...) trip to Australia. It was awesome, very interesting and pretty, but I was a nervous wreck the entire time... (and really homsick.)

MW said...

I haven't been to many places, but the one place I did go and absolutely loved was Tours, France. If you get a chance, come and visit my blog. Each Sunday, I set a different place as a way to 'virtually' vacation each week. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

Princess Andy said...

i'd have to say england.

probably because i was born there and have never been anywhere else;)

but i would love to see france and italy.

i've told the boyfriend he will be forced to accompany me.

because usually he won't consider a trip if you can't ride the harley to and from.


p.s. i like international cleavage day, also. i'm already planning ahead this years outfit.

Strange Mamma said...

We're living in Oxford now, but I love to get into London as often as possible. I remember feeling so out of place for the first couple of months here and then we went into London and it was like I could suddenly breathe. Love it!

Sassy Britches said...

I have two.

Cortona, Italy and Doolin, Ireland: I think for the same reasons. They're cozy and small, and everyone knows everyone, and people hang out either in the squares in the middle of town or the pub in the evening to gossip and people watch and just celebrate life. I love my small town, but it's actually not very homey and welcoming, so I think this is what attracts me to those places.