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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg

A bit of a Monday Morning Mish-Mash for you today.

We did end up going away this weekend. It was cold and windy and not always very sunny but we had a good time. Saturday, we drove around the mountains and took some photos before stopping at a winery for a tasting. We had been there once before but it was nice to visit again. After checking into the hotel, we headed out for dinner and I swear Snoop Dogg was at the next table celebrating his birthday. Who knew Snoop Dogg liked blue cupcakes? Also, who knew nobody taught him how to share?

Sunday, we hung out for a bit at a Starbucks before hitting the road. We stopped at another winery and this may just be my favorite for the area. Adorable little place, lovely people, and fantastic dry wines. In all, we purchased two cases of wine this weekend. We had late lunch at a restaurant about an hour or so from home that we've sorta fallen in love with. And our waiter was Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live! Kinda.

I'll start visiting Six Word Saturday entries today. Being away without internet access, I gave myself permission to wait until now to start. And I'm okay with that. Plus, you know, my pal Snoop Dogg's birthday. I was very busy!

Disclaimer: It is entirely possible that I didn't actually see Snoop Dogg or Fred Armisen this weekend. Likely, they were really convincing impersonators figments of my imagination due to all the wine just ordinary people who exhibit a very slight resemblance.


Princess Andy said...

usually when i think i see people it's those "skeletons from my closet" that i don't ever want to pull out.

except for that one time when i thought i saw saddam hussein.


mo.stoneskin said...

I had always suspected that Snoop Dogg liked cup cakes, but now we have proof.

GeminiWilder said...

Heehee. Glad you had your 'getaway'.
I went to a fundraiser dance on Sat. night and won a bottle of wine. From Southern Australia. It smelled like fish sticks & tasted even worse. Blech.

kys said...

My BFF and I always play "Spot The Stars" when we're out and about. We never see any real stars, but we always see plenty of look-alikes.

blognut said...

I am appalled that Snoop Dogg wouldn't share his blue cupcakes. What kind of shit is that?!

Seansmoma said...

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend (Even if. Mr. Dogg wouldn't share his cupckae). :)

SparkleFarkle said...

What a feel-good blog-- I can SO relate: I love scavenging for non-celeb "celebs"! There's nothing quite like the thrill of strapping a doppelganger to the hood of your car!

Grand Pooba said...

Okay so which wineries did you got to?

slacker-chick said...

Ummmm wine - hubs has declared that we are off our hardcore diet as of now - so I can imbibe again YAY!!!

You didn't punch Snoop Dog in the face did you?

Dr.John said...

Oh no! Your blog suffers from truth in blogging. Better we believe you really saw those people.

C. Beth said...

I looked it up, and Snoop Dogg's birthday WAS last weekend!!!

Okay, not really.

2cats said...

A driving trip through the wineries? Sounds like a weekend full of possibilities, like a Snoop Dog birthday.
Glad you were finally able to get away.

Rena said...

I like seeing people who look like famous people, next time you see that guy you should say, "Yo, Snoop! What up?!" (or something of that nature...) and chances are the response will be:

"Yo! I love/hate meeting fans!"
"I get that a lot..."
"*dead stare* I'm going to call the cops now, kays?"

(All of them are equally fun!)

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

Glad you were able to get away, and that you had a good time :)

TMC said...

For the sake of the truth I always like to point out that Snoop and I are from the same home town. He says that he's from the east side but I'm REALLY from the real east east side.
He's more from the center north east side.

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