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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Northwest made me lie to the Pope

Yesterday was a very long day. I apologize for the multi-meltdowns on Twitter. But let's back up just a bit, shall we?

Sunday night, I was chilling at home by myself when the phone rings. It was not a number I recognized but it was the area code of our hometown where Joe was visiting. Thinking it might be him, I answered.
me: Hello?
them: Hello, may I speak with Joseph McPunchyerface?
me: Sorry, he's not available. Could I take a message?
them: This is Ye Olde Catholic High School. We were calling to see if Joe planned to make another pledge this year.
me: Ha, he's actually visiting there in town this weekend!
them: When will he be home so we can call again?
me: He'll be home Monday night.
Then Monday happened. Short version - they put him on a flight to Detroit knowing he had no chance to make his connection. Rescheduled him on a flight to Chicago but the plane left so late he would've missed the connection there. Instead, he spent over nine hours in Detroit waiting for another flight home. In all, he arrived home over eight hours later than planned.

Which means he was NOT home Monday night. And this is how Northwest made me lie to the Pope.

P.S. I also lied to the cats because I promised them short-haired human would be home mid-afternoon. Honestly, I might be more afraid of lying to Tonya than the Pope.


C. Beth said...

Tanya's claws are bigger, and she has more immediate methods of paying you back. I'd say your fear is well-placed.

Seansmoma said...

I'd be more worried about the cat too!

I'm glad he finally made it home safely.

The World As I See It said...

LOL Ya I would be more afraid of the cats than the Pope too!

TMC said...

I'm pretty sure you should be in your Prayer Closet right now, asking for forgiveness.

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm looking forward to the day when you lie to the Pope about cats. What the false information about cats contains doesn't bother me so much.

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! That's why they have confession right?

2cats said...

Even after the long delay he can at least be thankful that he was not on the plane that pilots were sleeping/talking/on the computer, and forgot to land the plane.

Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post. Maybe turtle-slow is not so bad after all!!


blognut said...

The Pope will get over it. He lies to us all the time.