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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On to the Next Thing

In some ways, I've been quite successful with my word for the year, focus. But not necessarily in a positive way.

I'm very much directing all attention to one thing at a time, obsessing about the next event on the calendar and not able to see beyond it. As soon as one thing is crossed off, I start fixing my targets on the next.

Example: Monday, as I've already mentioned, was a craptastic travel day for Joe. I spent the entire day tracking flights, timing connections, analyzing terminal maps. But the moment he txt'd me that he had landed safely at our home airport, I immediately shifted gears to worrying about my doctor's appointment the next day.

The appointment was more of the usual. It was the results of that last 24 hour tube up the nose and down the throat test. The words most prevalent in the findings were "inconclusive" and "borderline". Not much help. It's just my general fear of commitment biting me in the ass again. I can't commit to a bumper sticker on my car and I can't commit to anything the doctors can diagnose.

What's next on my list to worry obsessively about focus on? Not sure. I'm a little chill today. But give me five minutes and I'm sure I'll find something.


mo.stoneskin said...

Some of us are worriers (hmm, bit freaked out about that spelling, in fact, I'm starting to worry...) some are not.

For me I worry when I don't have control - like you perhaps?

My wife, she worries about things like money. I don't ever worry about that - I mean, if I have worked out our incomings and outgoings and it makes sense then why worry?

I instead worry about a sore throat, a back pain, a long car journey where numerous twats on wheels will make my life a misery and I can do nothing anout it.

So I think ultimately I'm just a control freak.

TMC said...

Is it irony that there's a Pepto ad on your blog today?

Try to hang onto the Chill.

Grand Pooba said...

You worry too much and I don't worry enough! Seriously, sometimes my husband takes my non-worriedness as I-don't-careness. I promise I care but worrying about things does no good. It doesn't change the outcome so why spend time doing it? I guess that's just how I look at it.

blognut said...

What if we build some sort of worry co-op where we each take turns, say once every three months, doing all the worrying for everyone, including ourselves?

Then we have the other 89 days to life worry-free.

Wanna? We just need about 88 more people and we're all set.

C. Beth said...

Hmm. I can totally relate to this.

jabblog said...

Oh dear - I worry when I'm not worrying and what a waste of effort it is. However, I've done it for so long it's the only thing at which I'm an expert . . . :-/

MarjnHomer said...

I over book my calendar and then realize that I miss my appts. Not enough help around the house. 3 men and 3 kids, 1 women. hear me roar!

The World As I See It said...

You sound like me. I always have something going on and I don't feel right if I don't have 100 things to do!

2cats said...

My husband says I don't worry because I live with my head in the sand or with rose colored glasses on. I don't mind because I am happy this way and sleep well most nights. Worry never got anyone anywhere they really wanted to be so it seems a waste of time. Maybe,or should I worry?