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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Signs of Fall

Fall seems to be here finally. And this is really a post about Fall, as opposed to a gripe about election yardsigns.

I had windows open in the house today without the air conditioning kicking in. In fact, I was cold at some points. I even went upstairs for a sweater.

Another sign of Fall - I pulled out the crockpot and made soup. Yummy delicious warm soup.

Also, I finally had my first pumpkin spice latte over the weekend.

October 1st seems like a good time to declare "Fall". Unfortunately, a lot of the stores decide this is a good time to declare "Christmas" but I'm pretty sure I'll punch them in the face if they try to pull such craziness.

P.S. Today should be the October first Google search words extravaganza. But as I write this the night before, I'm too tired. Look for that tomorrow - I got some good ones finally.

P.P.S. Alternately, today is technically first Fursday as well. But, umm, the kitties are sleeping and I refuse to wake them up to write a post. So look for them next week, perhaps. Or sometime before that. They're unpredictable little hairballs.


C. Beth said...

Yummy, soup. I make it year round. Love good soups.

Oh My Goddess said...

And the seasons, they go round and round!
~Joni Mitchell

kyslp said...

Pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite. I wonder if I would love them this much if I could get them year-round? Probably.

a corgi said...

I was at the grocery store 2 days ago and saw Christmas things there, geesh!!

yummy on the soup in the crockpot; surely a sign of fall

we finally cooled down a bit too and fall is in the air today too


mo.stoneskin said...

Are you telling me the kitties couldn't write their post the day before and schedule it? And with you (my disciplined friend) as their role model? I think you should give them a very firm telling off and perhaps withold kitty treats for a few days.

Tina said...

Mmmmm Homemade soups make me smile! Got any soup recipe's to share? I've never made soup before....Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot.

The Blogging for Boobs Breast Bash has started!

Matty said...

Fall is definitely sneaking up on me too. We turned the heat on today for the first time, and I've been drinking hot tea for a week or so now. The soups aren't far behind.

blognut said...

You lost me at pumpkin spice latte. Those things are so wonderful!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

My fall warnings are red leaves and apples! And some nourishing homemade soups