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Sunday, November 29, 2009

All Done!

My post is so late but my day has been long.

After not much sleep, we woke up before 4am so Joe could run his first marathon. The conditions were perfect and he did really well, beating his goal of 4 hours and 30 minutes (I think his official time was about 4h22m).

The best part is that he did without injuring himself or becoming sick. In fact, after a nap he's doing very well this afternoon. He totally kicked ass and I'm very proud of him.

So that's why no real post today. I'll try harder tomorrow.


Elinore said...

Tell him congrats for me!

Matty said...

My body would not hold up for 26.2 miles, or anything close to it. Kudos to Joe.

silver star said...

Congrats to Joe! Like Matty, my body would not hold up for 26.2 miles either.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed with Joe! Currently, I am training for a half marathon in March. Today, I ran almost 8 miles and I felt a little wiped out for about an hour. It is the longest run to date. I can't imagine running a marathon (at least not yet). How long did he train? I'm rambling... but I am really impressed!

Housewife Savant said...

Yay for Joe.
Holidays and marathons are killers.
Rest up.
Blog more soon.

Bridgette said...

Wow, I do not think I could even run 1 mile! Way to go Joe!

That corgi :) said...

this is an awesome post, Cate! WAY TO GO JOE!! That is an awesome time for your first maranthon!!! Fantastic!!!


mo.stoneskin said...

I hope that after completing the marathon Joe still cooked you dinner.

InspiredDreamer said...

Hooray, good job Joe! I still think it's crazy to A) get up before noon and B) get up before noon to run, but yay Joe for being successful at it!