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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hurry up and wait

Being a bit extremely anxiety-prone, "hurry up and wait" isn't one of my favorite activities.

Airports, for example, make me batty. I'm obnoxious about arriving early, then we hurry through security just to wait forever to board, then we rush to our seats and wait for take-off.

But at least that's a "hurry up and wait" process I understand. What I don't understand is the complete lack of process at my work lately.
  • Hurry up, let's put this on the website NOW!
  • Oh, wait, we're going to hope that councilman doesn't win re-election so we can ignore the request.
  • He was re-elected last night, it needs to be on the website yesterday!
  • Hang on, let's tie it up in committee for a month.

This particular project changed status four times yesterday. At the end of the day, we were in stall mode but I decided to work on some of it last night anyways. And guess what? This morning the boss says we're back in go mode.

So, I go. At least until this afternoon. When I'm certain we'll be holding off yet again.

Aren't politics and local government grand?

I <3 my job. (Which means I totally want to punch someone in the face.)


Nessa said...

Not just politics and local government. It's like that every where.

Blast from the Past

tabithablogs said...

Yep...I work for a defense contracting company, and it's the same around here. I don't do any website work, but I get a lot of "do this, no wait, do this instead, okay scratch that" and it is SO frustrating. Our company name starts with R and the joke around here is that "The R in R... stands for Re-do."

C. Beth said...

Wow, that sounds FANTASTIC. I'm totally jealous of your exciting job.

Alix said...

I know the urge! Maybe make an effigy of your boss and go to town on it. Punching the real guy might be more satisfying, but probably not the best idea in this economy. Then there's all that nasty trial business for your assault charge. Yeah. Stick with the effigy.

Or Voodoo doll!

I'm full of amazing ideas today. :-)

Great post.

Dr.John said...

Just don't punch a boss.

Margaret said...

I feel the same way today!

Matty said...

Politics and indecision. Now, where have I seen this before?

blognut said...

I gotta tell ya' - I'm pretty sure 'hurry up and wait' is present in almost all types of employment.

silver star said...

Unfortunately, there are way too many people good at the "hurry up and wait" idea. I hate them all! If you need someone to punch, I have a list you can have.