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Thursday, November 26, 2009


This post won't win any awards for originality but that's alright. I've been having a rough time lately so it's good to spend a few minutes on what I'm thankful for in my life.

I'm thankful for my husband. We have our moments but he's a good man and I'm glad to have him by my side.

I'm thankful for my home. It dutifully provides shelter, warmth, and refuge.

I'm thankful for friends, especially those of you who are "new" since last Thanksgiving. I'm glad there are people out there who listen and help me hold the pieces together when the world seems so crumbly. I'm also glad there are people out there who provide laughs and distractions when I can't see outside the doom and gloom. And I'm glad there are those who share with me and rely on me because it makes me feel like I'm offering something back to the world, even if it's just an ear or a shoulder.

I'm thankful that my health isn't worse than it is - which sounds a bit jaded but for all of my problems, I'm very grateful that I'm not dealing with more serious issues.

And I'm thankful for those quiet moments, as rare as they are, when things seem safe and secure and I remember why I crawl out of bed each morning.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

P.S. I'm also thankful I'm not a turkey.


Nessa said...

Have a great day.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and a Happy Thursday just to celebrate.Thursday Thirteen

Beth said...

That is a great list to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

Matty said...

Enjoy the holidays.

Princess Andy said...

happy thanksgiving, my american bff!

love a

Melissa B. said...

Me, too!

A Thanksgiving Limerick, DC-style:

I just heard that two turkeys’ demise
Was avoided, to their great surprise.
The big turkey in power,
In the eleventh hour,
Gave them pardon, along with the pies.

Hope you and yours have the Happiest!
(And no, I did not write that limerick...but I did Google it!)

That corgi :) said...

Always good to put down a list of thankfuls because like I've said before, even at our lowest times with gloom and doom, there is always someone worse off than us; it helps put into perspective that we really do have so much to be thankful for!

hoping you are enjoying your day


Ribbon said...

Sweet :)

Happy thanks giving... though I'm not exactly sure what the celebration is all about as it is not something that we celebrate in my corner of the world

best wishes

2cats said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Keep the cares away today. My prayers are with you.