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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cattention Span

After careful research, I have been able to determine the length of the attention span of a cat.

It is three months. I know this because Rusty poo'd in the tub again for the first time since we taught him a little swimming lesson.

Also, few things piss me off warm my heart like finding a typo in a post from three months ago. I'm totally firing my editor. Or at least decreasing her salary by 10%. Holidays, schmolidays. What do I care if she has three children to feed?

On a more positive note, the kitties are mostly leaving the tree alone. It's a 4-ft fake tree with only red velvet bows and a few pinecones on it. This due to the Great Christmas Tree Disaster of 2006. Because MY attention span is longer than three months, thankyouverymuch.


Seansmoma said...

Hmmm, Christmas Tree Disaster of 2006? That sounds like a blog waiting to happen.

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

I hope there most definitely is NOT a repeat of this said TREE DISASTER. Sounds ominous and disheartening. I hope we get to hear about it. I think you might have piqued our attention. I love kitties, but this is one of the times of year I am glad we have pets that stay in cages. :) Have a great day. Lisa

Matty said...

Our two cats have zero attention span. They are NOT allowed on the kitchen counter or the table. After 14 schmillion go-zillion times of swatting them down, you would think they'd get the message.

Jessica said...

I want to know about this Christmas Tree Disaster of 2006? Was there a link? I didn't see a link! The suspense might kill me.

Or maybe not.

But still I want to know.

Ah, Rusty, is it time to fill the tub with water again?

Poor guy, he just wanted to leave you a present!


Margaret said...

Gotta love cats and the tree's. My youngest cat is in love with the tree and always knocking off ornaments and what not.

C. Beth said...

Red bows & pine cones, hmm? Would that work for Zoodle?

2cats said...

What no lights on the tree?
My cats are weird. They totally ignore the tree. That was not a complaint just an observation.

Melissa B. said...

Oh, our kitties love, Love, LOVE Christmas! Especially the younger one...we call her "Bow Kitty." She collects them when we rip them off our packages. We find them in the oddest places, sometimes months later!

The Brown Recluse said...

Ole Boy had a dog that did his bizness in the tub. After we got married and moved into a bigger house, the dog wasn't allowed in the bathroom at all. If fact, he was outside in the newly fenced in back yard most of the time. :D

We should hear more about the great tree disaster of 2006.

Princess Andy said...

we brought home three kittens last week to have out in our workshop/garage/perimeter monitoring area for mice invasions.

they will not be coming in the house. unless a mouse runs across my face in the night. then, maybe.

but one poop in the tub? the coyotes can have them.

be gently with rusty. poor bastard knows not what he does.

<3 andy

mo.stoneskin said...

So do the kitties sometimes mess bout with the tree? What do they do?!