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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Recently, my mother signed up for Facebook. She started by choosing the most unflattering photo she could find as her profile image. It's like a scowling snarling mug shot. SO fitting. Next, she friended all of the people from her local church community. Then she started playing Farmville. Which I have on ignore.
me: my mother just emailed me to ask if i'm farmville on facebook
me: and i'm like - no, i don't play games on facebook
KarmaChameleon: o.O
me: "then what do you use it for?"
me: umm, stalking ex-boyfriends
me: DUH
KarmaChameleon: lmao
Other than Farmville and church friends, all she seems to do is comment on Joe's status. Not even my status. Just his.

Joe asked why she never updates her own status. I told him that all of the people she's friends with already know her status - it's called going to church for some reason every day and then everyone there is so in everyone's business that there's no need for Facebook.

It's all kinda creepy. I think some people shouldn't be allowed on Facebook. Pick a deity of choice and offer up a prayer or small offering if she ever gets a blog or Twitter account.


C. Beth said...

HOORAY for being able to ignore Farmville & other apps! The day I found that out was a life-changing day. :)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Ditto C. Beth.

I often wonder what prompts people to choose unflattering profile pics. Maybe just wanted to make sure everyone recognized her.

Tiffany said...

LOL - My mom is on facebook as well as blogger but she doesn't actually post on either that I'm aware of.

Wait how do you ignore those apps? Does that mean they don't clog up your "home" page? Oh Oh Oh you need to tell me how to do that!!!

silver star said...

I'm imagining her possible blog now, my farmville crops look wonderful, Rev. D*head had a WONDERFUL sermon last night, and her wondering why her daughter Cate doesn't like her. Gee, I wonder why? Now I can imagine my dad doing the same *shudders* so yeah, very creepy! Luckily my dad's not on facebook, but yes, let's pray our "lovely" parents don't discover blogs and twitter, aka our escapes from people in our real world.

Beth said...

You just reminded my to be thankful that my mother is not computer savvy.

Autumn said...

My mom is on facebook too, my little sister (who's in college) put my mother on a "limited profile" so my mom cant even see all of my sister's photos. Mom will randomly call Kara (other sister) or I and ask if Jessie is doing anything illegal in her photos like pot or drinking underage or what not. It cracks Kara and I up because, no Jessie is NOT doing anything illegal, however she is wearing teeny tiny swimsuits, kissing a girl and living it up at college. Kara and I are sworn to secrecy though because Jessie has more muscle than either of us and we really dont want to get out butts kicked. lol

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

I'm now a total Twitter Convert. I really only pop into FB now and again to see if anything new is going on or to play the occasional WordScraper Game. I think my ADHD brain likes the small chunks and instant gratification of Twitter.

PS My mom does not even get onto the computer to do email. She swears the instant you get on the Internet, you will have you ID stolen and someone will stalk you and molest you.

Jeanie said...

Yikes! As a mom, and old enough to be yours, I am on Facebook and, obviously, have a blog. My daughters encouraged me to do both, so I hope I am not freaking them out. I do like learning that I can ignore those apps on Facebook.

That corgi :) said...

my happiest day was when I decided to delete all my friends and family members (except for 2 friends) from Facebook and my second happiest day was when I decided not to check out any other features (Like games) on Facebook. I honestly have to say I don't miss it. Now my brother who resisted the web and social networks for a very long time loves and is addicted to Facebook; go figure

I would imagine if my MIL wasn't so ill and losing her memory, she would have enjoyed Facebook; I'm thinking my mom wouldn't have at all

I know it serves its purpose but to me its just a weird network


Bridgette said...

I agree! My stepmom is on FB and she always comments on MY FRIENDS status'! It drives me crazy!!!

Te Puhi Whakahoro said...

I guess I'm lucky then that my mother is not on! My children have a bebo page and luckily the holidays have spurned them away from the need to play games on bebo! Thank goodness for swimming and cousins.

Brenda Susan said...

Ha! I'm on FB & I am probably your mom's age. I try hard to not comment much on my 26 yr old sons stuff. It's hard though! We message each other though, that works better.
But of course I put up some goofy kid pics of him!!

2cats said...

My son got me to go on FB. Then he got me hooked on one of the games. Now he laughs at me.
I didn't know you could comment on actual status. I see the reports of people commenting on someones status and thought they were made up. What do I know.
Ya think my son purposely didn't tell me about the status thing?
Oh well I am off to tend my crops.

kys said...

Thank goodness my mom is scared of FB. She thinks that it is a big scam to get old people's personal information. Seriously.