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Thursday, December 03, 2009

First Fursday: Catmas Edition

First matter of business: let the record show that I, Tonya Fluffy DivaCat, had everything very little nothing to do with the security alarm going off on Sunday. That was entirely the fault of the cat sitter putting in the wrong code because I deliberately tripped her on her way in the door Rusty distracted her by demanding attention.

Personally, I think the humans overpay that cat-sitter anyways. And she screwed up the alarm-thingy so the police came. Since it was a false alarm, the humans now have to pay a $150 fine. Way to go, stupid cat-sitter. We'd be much better served if the humans would just leave out the big bag of kitty crunchies for us. Down with rations!!!

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, we can move on to more important matters. Like what I want for Christmas. I have made for you this beautiful Wordle from my list. It's so beautiful that you'll be inspired to print it out and take it with you everywhere, making it a very handy shopping reference so you don't forget about little old me.

And because I haven't yet done my annual good deed, I will also post for you Rusty's Christmas List Wordle, as created by moi.

Can't say I only think of myself, right? So unselfish, I must surely deserve all that I've asked for plus whatever else you can think of to send my way.

So this holiday season, when you're running around doing all of those crazy things you humans do, just think of me and remember how the holidays are supposed to be enjoyed - from the top of a tree in the living room after snarfing down some pie that was left conveniently on the counter.


mo.stoneskin said...

For a cat that has basically cost the humans $150 PLUS the cat-sitter fees I think you are being remarkably glib. In fact, if you were my cat and had cost me that much (IN THE DAMN RECESSION DAGNAMMIT) I would pick you up by your tail, swing you round in the room (for measurement purposes only, no cats would be hurt in the making of this movie) and then set the dogs on you.

Kathy said...

From one cat lover to another: I love your post! Ya' just gotta' love those furry, pesky creatures! Sometime when you have a moment, you must read my old posts about Bobs the cat. I've have many cats in my time, but my experience with Bobs takes the prize! It ranks in there with the 150 dollar fees for causing the setting off of the alarm :)Kathy from Reflections by Kathy

TMC said...

I know a couple humans who deserve a "ticket elsewhere."

p.s. Tonya, quit being such a b. Can't you see how good Rusty's got it?

Snarky A. said...

Tonya, you are so hilarious!

CambridgeLady said...

This is so funny! Glad I've stumbled across your blog :o)

Nessa said...

I would like hourly naps for Christmas too.

Name That Christmas Song

C. Beth said...

Tonya, this post is pure brilliance. You are hilarious.

2cats said...

Geesh Tonya quit griping about Rusty. You don't want to get on Santa's naughty-kitty list do you?
Now go snuggle up to him and give him a kiss in the ear.

blognut said...

I heart Tonya.