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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Give Back

'Tis better to give than to receive...

Some people count their blessings at Thanksgiving. As do I. But the Christmas season inspires me not only to count my blessings but to also give back a little something in return.

That's where this post comes in. This is your opportunity to post about your favorite charity or cause. What's near and dear to your heart? Where do you feel your time, efforts and donations make the most difference? Who do you believe is most in need? What do you support? If someone came to you and said "I have one million dollars I have to give away", what would you tell them? Write a post and link up below or just leave a comment if you wish. It would be grand if you would also provide a link to the organization's website or information on how to donate, just in case someone is moved enough to do so.

And like all linkies, there must be a winner! Right? I'd like to think the winner here is everyone who takes the time to post or the time to read. Perhaps an organization will receive just $5 due to your words that they wouldn't have otherwise received.

I'd suggest leaving the name of the organization as your link below (as opposed to your blog name). I have no idea what kind of participation or feedback this will get (please spread the word) but I encourage everyone to read a post or two and think about how blessed most of us are this time of year.

To those of you reading this who do not feel particularly blessed, please know that at the very least a girl called Cate appreciates knowing you're out there.


Ribbon said...

Lovely thing to do Cate,

best wishes for the season of love.

Ribbon :) x

mo.stoneskin said...

I don't really have any links or whatever, but we know a couple much older than ourselves who have spent many years fostering (on top of bringing up a ton of their own kids) and we saw them yesterday, they've taken care of an 8 month-yr-old baby for a few weeks. The little chap is so handsome, a gorgeous little boy but he comes from a troubled home and in his dark eyes you can tell, made my heart ache - how people can mistreat littluns is beyond me. But I wanted to say how proud I am of this couple, looking after the little fella and meeting his needs.

blognut said...

Here is the web address to one of my favorite causes. This is an amazing organization with free services ranging from a domestic violence and transitional living shelter, sexual assault services, youth programs, and a number of other things.