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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Penalty Minutes

WARNING!!! This post doesn't so much involve judging of a parent by a non-parent. Well, it does but I left it unsaid this time. Because I'm awesome.

Yesterday, we ended up at Mount Vernon, former home of THE George Washington. You know, the dude on the $100 bills. Also our first President and inventor of the cherry tree or something.

The day was bright and sunny but oh so cold and windy. Plus, big crowds. And by big, I don't really mean HUGE, just that there was a wait of about 35 minutes to enter the mansion and apparently this was unusual for them.

As we stood in line, we were sandwiched between two families. The folks in front of us had two young girls who were very quiet, very patient, and very good at line-waiting. Behind us was a larger, louder family that included a boy of about 10-12 years old. He was NOT very good at line-waiting. Constantly weaving in and out of people, wandering off, breaking limbs off trees. "Armando, if I have to tell you one more time to stay in line..." Oh, the effectiveness of an empty threat when the kid knows there will be no consequences.

This little punk cherub also had no understanding of personal space. Know who has a very strong understanding of personal space? That would be me, your pal Cate. Not only do I understand it, but I need it. Add to this the fact that my back was still bothering me a lot and the extremely close conditions once we piled into the house and I was quite on the verge of a panic attack.

Joe, however, saved me from an anxiety breakdown by gifting me with a large laugh. As we made our way down the final set of stairs, he asked me the question that made it all better. "Would an elbow be considered offensive or defensive?"

Yes, Joe, speaking my (hockey) language. Offensive or defensive, I don't know. But either way it would've totally been worth the two minute penalty incurred.


Beth said...

Sounds like little Armando needs an elbow crack to the head.

uthostage said...

Empty threats drive me batty! My kids know that if I make that threat, they are a tip toe away from being in deep shit.

And I think Joe is just totally The Awesome!

uthostage said...

And I fixed my profile after I posted a comment. I totally suck at this. LOL

Kimmy said...

I would agree!! LOL I understand hockey language also :O)

Although I AM a parent, my child would have been the quiet, well behaved line waiting child. She knows better. Perfect example, while at Disneyland with my friend and her kids, while in a bakery, my friend's two kids were running around as I was very embarrassed however, my child looked at me like "Can I go play too?" but I said "You can stay right here with me" and that is what she did...very patiently too!! She's 7yrs old, might I add!! I TOTALLY agree with you! Parent's need to put their foot down. These kids are what is wrong with toddays society......No discipline!!!!!!!!!!!! RAR! I can go on and on about this but I won't! :o)
Have a good day! ;O)

Tortuga said...

I woulda given the parent the elbow to the head. I have kids and they're behavior reflects on me, I know this and they know this. Therefore, they behave or there ARE consequences and they are not pretty ones.

Grand Pooba said...

I swear us kidless couples make the best parents!


Autumn said...

Oh I dont know about that Grand, I tend to have very well behaved children that know when to shut up and obey me with a simple look. People tell me I'm great with kids and should therefore work with them... yeah I'm not that good with kids, just mine. The majority of children drive me batty or make me want to deck their parents for their stupidity. I find myself biting my tongue even with my own sister when she gives empty threats to her son. But he gets one look from me and knows it's time to check his attitude (even my nephew knows I dont give idle threats lol). Parenting isnt easy, and idiots who dont parent their children properly make the rest of us look bad. My kids come in handy in situations like that. If it had been my girls in line in front of you they would have turned to me and loudly asked why that other kid doesnt know how to listen to his mommy and daddy.... which would have cracked everyone up I'm sure. Ashlie knows how to lay a good comment just like her Mama, lol. Jessica would have followed her sister's comment with "He needs a spanking... like bad. If he was my kid I'd spank him." Ahhhh good parenting does tend to pay off! (The above situation actually happened at the bank the other day, we were waiting in line and some one else's kid was running amok in the bank, both girls made comments the other parent tried to glare at my kids, and I just smiled and replied with "You know what girls, I think you're right, he does need stricter punishment" then smiled 'sweetly' at the red faced mom behind me. haha

That corgi :) said...

are you on vacation there?? I thought you lived elsewhere, but what do I know?? I love the DC and surrounding area (my sister lives outside of DC in Virginia)

Mount Vernon is a cool place to visit :)

kids on vacation, always a nightmare. They are bored, tired of history or whatnot (unless it is Disneyland or such) and have trouble tolerating anything. I actually overheard one girl at the Grand Canyon years ago "if I have to look at this boring canyon one more time, I'm going to scream"


Miss. Candy said...

12 year old boys can be a handful! They are hormonal and think they know everything.....I know because I have one. I often ask myself what happened to my sweet little boy? It is a tough age, I would have never dreamed when he was 4, 5 or even 9 that he would have been annoying or drove me crazy, but then last year came! But I do punish him when he acts that way, just ask him, he is grounded right now!! lol! I love Joe's comment, I think that is great!!! For those of you with kids who have not reached that age...enjoy your sweet little angels now while they are still afraid to misbehave!

CambridgeLady said...

Hee hee :o)

Happy New Year 2010!! xx

C. Beth said...

Ha ha! The penalty might have been more than 2 minutes.

(But it still would have been worth it.)

On a serious note---one thing I struggle with as a mom of very young kids is how much to "rein them in" in public. I'm always trying to find the balance between letting kids be kids (understanding they have to get out energy in some way) and being respectful of the people around us. Sometimes I'm too lenient, sometimes too strict...and I bet I occasionally get it right. :)