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Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Weeks

How can it possibly be only two weeks until Christmas? TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!!!

As evidence of how out of control and unfocused my life has been lately, I shall present to you the current status of Christmas in my domicile.

No tree.

No cards.

No gifts have been purchased. I know what I'm buying for everyone in the family, 99% of it is coming from Amazon and being shipped directly to their homes for somebody else to wrap. Oh, wait, I did already buy and send gifts for my sister and father so that only leaves... well, everyone else.

No baking, though I've done less of this each year. We always have "Goodies Day" at work the Friday before the holiday so I usually do my baking to correspond with that.

No Christmas music. We listened to exactly two songs in the car on Saturday night before Joe changed to another station.

And, probably the biggest indication of the State of Christmas in my home?

No Tonya dressed up in her red shirt and Santa hat. For which she thanks me.

I plan to remedy a lot of this over the weekend. We won't do many decorations and I plan to send our paper cards out as well (we'll be doing some email "cards" this year). I want to have shopping completed by Sunday night.

My hope is that by Monday I'll have the "work" out of the way so I can enjoy the last 10 days or so leading up to the holiday.

How are your holiday plans progressing?


Cindy said...

Christmas isn't in my home either. I might send out some 'paper cards' but haven't decided if I feel like making them yet. I bought 4 gifts for my son with our grocery money and don't feel like decorating the house since the foreclosure is looming and there's a box in every room with stuff being packed to take or to sell. BAH HUMBUG! is my holiday attitude this year, unfortunately and I know I should be doing better for Beau, he's 13 and he deserves at least a tree! How is December 25 coming so quickly this year? It's like every day is no longer 24 hours...feels more like 9.

Nessa said...

I have lights on the outside of my house and the tree is up but not decorated. that's as far as I've gotten.

Flash Dancing

blognut said...

We're on track. The outside lights are lit, the garland and wreaths are in place, the tree is up and decorated, and the gifts are about 1/2 done.

I don't stress about cards anymore because something had to give. I figured in the grand scheme of things, my kids will not miss the tradition of Christmas card mailing, but they might miss the other stuff, so cards seemed like the logical choice.

Hope you get caught up and in the spirit of things this weekend - and I really want to see pictures of Tonya in the red shirt and Santa hat. I will also want know how many stitches you will need to get after you stuff her into that get-up. Maybe you should have "Guess How Many Stitches for the Long-Haired Human" pool.

Seansmoma said...

The trees up and decorated but I haven't put the lights in the window yet . . . the question is, will I?

Two weeks!? (I almost want to say, why bother?)

Actually our Christmas party is the 20th. Going to start baking Very soon.

Bridgette said...

My tree is up, but I have probably plugged it in 4 times. Just not feeling it this year.

Sharon said...

That pretty much describes Christmas at my house too. We do have the tree up but that's about it.

Sassy Britches said...

Sounds like you've got a busy weekend ahead of you!

My plans were all wrapped up tight until I was informed today that I had two more presents to purchase. But they're the hard kind: A.) they're for boys, B.) they're inexpensive/possibly gag gift types (which are harder for me than REAL presents). And I have to have them ready by NEXT FRIDAY! Pfffttt. I've decided to give them a flock of chicks from Heifer International and call it a day.

Still no ornaments on the tree.

Lisa (aka LadyWanderlust) said...

Wow, Christmas sure is sneaking up on us. I mean TWO WEEKS people! Did you hear her? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

The Brown Recluse said...

Two weeks, and I've got more than two weeks worth of shopping to do. AAARRGG!! Do have the tree up though. A very small tree. Small and prelit. heh

That corgi :) said...

the tree is up and a few decorations; not buying much but have to buy some but having trouble getting motivated (perhaps this weekend???) not sending cards, don't bake, but might make some premade sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. So not ready for Christmas......................


C. Beth said...

I decorated, as you know, this week. But I still have a lot of shopping to do. Nearly all of it will be online.

Megan said...

Christmas decorations just went up this week. Just got our tree Thursday night. Minimally decorated the tree Friday {since we were having dinner guests}. Don't send cards. Maybe 5 gifts purchased. Ugh. It's so hard this year. Blah! Oh, but the outside of my house has been decorated for a few weeks. lol