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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Waiver Schmaiver

Today in "Tis the Season", I'd like to discuss holiday deliveries. Whether it be gifts delivered to my home, gifts sent to other locations or just general every day deliveries, this is a crazy time of year for those folks at UPS, FedEx and the USPS.

So doesn't it seem they'd like to make their lives easier by not making it a nightmare to leave their packages? What's the point of having a waiver on file if they still insist you be home to sign for a delivery? I can understand in the case of our daily weekly monthly quarterly wine shipments - those have to be signed for by someone over 21. But we recently had to chase down a package at the UPS place because they wouldn't leave a $20 power cord. All of this because that vendor has a blanket "must sign in-person" policy regardless of the purchase amount. Really, why bother having the waiver at all?

By the way - did you know that FedEx delivers Tuesday through Saturday? I don't like Mondays either but I can't believe they'd want to work Saturdays. How is that any more efficient? They're just as unlikely to catch me home on the weekend as they are during the week.

And of course they attempted delivery of our latest "in-person signature" package on Friday at 12:42pm, Saturday at 1:07pm, and the final delivery attempt on Tuesday? Somewhere around 9am. How does that make any sense? Joe figured it was safe to run out to a meeting this morning because they'd delivery somewhere between noon and 2pm (which is also the time marked on their "next attempt" note) but of course they came early so now we have to track down that package as well.

Don't even get me started about deliveries to the family back "home". Their delivery people just do whatever they want because it's a small town and they all know each other. You'd think that's helpful except it's not. They leave things with random neighbors and don't bother telling anyone where it was delivered. Then you're left calling everyone in the neighborhood to try to find your packages because half the neighbors can't be bothered to let you know.

Last year, I sent my grandmother flowers deliberately from a place that said they would require in-person signature because where she lives it is damned cold. They were supposed to call her to arrange delivery time but of course they didn't. Instead they chose to leave her flowers out on the front step where they froze and were completely destroyed.

Let's hope this delivery season is a good one, hassle-free for the deliverers AND the deliverees.

P.S. Also, if someone wants to send something via FedEx to my work so I can see the totally hot delivery guy? Let me know. I might be willing to disclose my location in that case.


mo.stoneskin said...

The solution I've found is to get stuff delivered to work, which is a pain in the bum but at least I then don't have to go to the depot my self.

If you like, get the stuff delivered here and I'll sign for it...especially the wine, you can trust me with that.

kys said...

My UPS guys will drop packages off when I'm home and not even ring the doorbell to let me know. And they don't leave the packages in a consistent place. If the garage door is up, they will leave it somewhere in there. It could be days before I discover the box.

blognut said...

UPS dropped a package off at our house yesterday for someone who lives three blocks away, on a different street, with a completely dissimilar house number.

I want to open it.

But I think I'm going to have to call UPS because it is likely someone else got whatever package I was supposed to get.

That corgi :) said...

LOL; I think our FedEx works Monday through Friday to check on that. Koda's bummed because the FedEx guy where we used to live would always give him a treat when he came with a delivery. These guys don't so every time the doorbell rings with a delivery, he gets all excited and then disappointed (but I give him a treat anyway, he's spoiled, he's a corgi).

I think like anything, they have "cheapened" their services over the years; hardly anything I get these days has to be signed for and I had to have some computer equipment returned one time; tried to give my street address for the pickup 5 times to the person over the phone who still couldn't understand it (its not that complicated). Next morning FedEx calls and wants verification of the address, all messed up. I "swear" they must outsource some of their call centers to a foreign country


Bethany said...

I use a wheelchair and have a large, bright orange ramp directly in front of my door. You would think this might be a clue for UPS or FedEx that just dropping the package on the ground beside the door and leaving could possibly be a problem. Then again, common sense is not so common.