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Monday, December 07, 2009

Woman vs Man

Some thoughts about the Battle of the Sexes on this freezing cold Monday.

I kinda hate being female sometimes. One word should sum that right up - cramps.

But then, I'm not sure being a male is so great either. I mean, can you imagine walking around all day with your clothing size printed on the back of your pants? I saw a dude the other day who was 42x30. Short little legs but big round belly.

Ladies, how appealing is it to you to advertise the size of your booty on the seat of your jeans? I think I'd rather go nekkid. Who came up with that brilliant idea? I bet it was a man but all I can say is I'm very thankful that the same punishment hasn't been dealt out to the women.

Plus, I always wondered how I'm supposed to deal with such information. Or am I the only one who can't help but look? I mean, if you wear a sticker that says "Hello, My Name is Joan", I'd assume you want me to take notice that your name is Joan and address you as such. Where do we draw the line on that? "Oh, hey there Joan, aren't you an itty bitty size 2 thing?". Why else display the info if you don't want it commented on? They could choose to wear pants that don't label the size of their assets so I have to think they're wearing the pants with the numbers for a reason.

Apparently these are the pressing issues on my mind this morning. What about you?


Astrid said...

Good God, I've thought the same so many times! The other day I was browsing jeans for my husband (he's a little chubby but working on it) and thought of how bad I would feel if my clothes displayed by size for everyone to see.

I'm not complaining about being fat or anything, it's just something that people can use against me and will make me want to kill them. I don't want to have to explain to my cell mate that I killed some bastard because he read my jean's size out loud.

Nessa said...

I think I'd just stay home. Well, i pretty much would rather stay home all of the time, so I guess that doesn't count.

Giant Crickets Invade Norway

Michele said...

You crack me up.

Almost totally unrelated: Years ago, I had a hot date. I decided to wear a new pair of jeans. Halfway to the movie theater (after dinner), the guy says to me " are those new jeans". I said, "No, why?" (didn't want him to think I wore them just for him)
he said, " Oh, because -- (then pointed to my leg)
You know those long, clear strips on jeans that tell you what size it is?? Yep, it was still stuck to my leg. LMAO!!!
I'm so cool.

mo.stoneskin said...

My legs may be short but I can run really fast.

soulbrush said...

tee hee i just love your posts, they always give us themes to think about. all i know is:
1.) i would rather be a woman than a man
2.) i like my men tight-assed and flat bellied. tee hee

Grand Pooba said...

what? I had no idea that guys pants showed the size right there on the ass! I would die. Being a dude would totally suck. It just sounds so uncomfortable walking around with something dangling between your legs!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

two points:

generally speaking, we {men} want
to get in the store, find what we're looking for {say, a pair of jeans size 42W-30L} pay for it,
and leave the store.

the size on the outside of the pants serves two purposes a) helps us find the item, b) regularly reminds us what size to buy when/if we are so inclined.

and the second point is a sartorial one. proper attire requires that the belt be worn OVER the leather tag {obscuring both the brand and the size}.

many men erroneously consider
the tag an extra belt-loop.

all of which goes to show that
absent-minded shop-a-phobics.

but, whadooweenoh?


C. Beth said...

What really freaks me out is the thought of wearing my bra size on my chest. It would elicit many, many giggles.