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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Worthwhile Reading

I've been trying since yesterday afternoon to come up with something worthwhile to post here. In fact, I've been trying (and failing) since Sunday, which is why you were short-changed blessed with a repost yesterday.

Today, I shall (sorta) continue that tradition. I'm just going to link to a couple of other posts that I want you to read. So please humor me and do it.

First, a post at C. Beth Blog about the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays debate. You can read her post and pretty much just tag on an imaginary P.S. that says "Cate approves of this post.". Not that Beth needs or even desires my approval. I've thought about posting something similar but no need to reinvent the wheel when she's already written it so eloquently.

I'd just add that I tend towards Christmas-specific traditions simply because that's what I know. Santa, presents, trees, carols, Jesus and stockings are all familiar to me as that's what I grew up with. I may not be as firm in my practices regarding Christianity as I once was, but that's the habit I've formed over the past 30ish years. So if I say Merry Christmas, I'm not doing it to exclude anyone. And I'm not offended if you wish me a Freaky Festivus.

Beth also tweeted about The New Santa Tradition over at Eternal Lizdom. I don't have kids but I totally think the world might be a better place if you read that post and incorporate a version of it into your holiday activities. I plan to do the same if I ever am in a situation to do so. Liz's idea for teaching her children about giving makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And if you're looking for a mix of holiday fun and some tender moments, I've been featuring related cues over at Seven Days Seven Answers for the last few days. Short little reads but some of the responses have made me giggle while others have really touched me. So while maybe that seems like a shameless plug, it's not so much encouraging you to go see what I'm doing as it is to go see what the others have written because they are awesome.

For having nothing to say, this post has rambled far too long. Go check those sites and I'll try hard to have something of my own to share tomorrow.


C. Beth said...

You rock. Thank you for the link. And I totally desire your approval. (Honestly, I desire everyone's approval. I probably need therapy.)

Rabbit said...

I've been at a loss for things to write of late also - so I am just been posting tutorials on no-reply and how-to-follow... Lame, I know but I feel lost if I don't blog SOMEthing. (Even lamer. Is that a word.) Thanks for the links in this post. Perhaps I will get inspired!

InspiredDreamer said...

Hey, never worry about giving links to other blogs as your post--you can link to me any time. :)

Besides it was a good reminder to put my answers in for SDSA.

Eternal Lizdom said...

You just so totally made my day. You and Beth taking my little old post and giving it some attention... spreading some Christmas giving ideas... well, it just warms my heart! Thank you!!

Grand Pooba said...

Happy freakin festivus!

(I must go check out C Beth Blog!)

P.S. Pooba approves of this post.

BoufMom9 said...

For someone who had nothing to say, you had plenty to say ;)
great posts and links.

You should see my last few blog posts...just photos with a few words.... it's like 6 word Saturday everyday at my blog. LOL

soulbrush said...

i like your 'i have nothing to say' post. i hate december- all the overeating, overspending, being with people we don't even like, and the january although i have to participate -inside i am going 'baaaaa humbug!'