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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birth Day

I'm a mess of emotions right now so forgive this post.

First, thank you to everyone for your concern about my abdominal pain yesterday. I had decided if it wasn't greatly improved this morning I would go to the doctor. However, I woke up feeling about 85% better so it seems to be going away. If it comes back, I'll make an appointment.

Second, my father called around 10:45 last night to tell me my sister was on the way to the hospital to have the baby. Two of the things that most set my mind spinning are family and babies.

My family is so dysfunctional. Dad debated calling us last night because it was so late. The only reason he decided to call was that he had talked to us at 9pm (called with a computer question) so he thought we might still be up. And then said he'd call again in the morning to let us know what was going on. Now, I don't generally like calls in the middle of the night but I definitely could handle a 3am call saying "baby is here, all is well!". Instead, I spent the entire night dreaming, waking, worrying, crying, overthinking, freaking.

And now, this morning, it's now 8:30 and I haven't heard a single word. I've tried calling but no answer there either at my parents' house, my sister's house (where Dad was supposed to go to take care of the nephew), or my parents' craptastic cellphone.

So I wait. And come up with a million worst-case scenarios. Or a million best-case scenarios which then make me remember how screwed up my family is because good or bad, it reminds me that we're not close and I'm out of the loop.

We won't even address the matter of baby sister having her second child when I still can't wrap my head around having one. Or all of the delightful nurturing things my mother had to say during the first call. Or so much more.

Sorry, not a happy-go-lucky post but until I hear something, I'm just not a happy-go-lucky Cate. Hopefully I'll have good news for tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for allowing me to sometimes have these posts because I don't have anywhere else to go with it. You all rock.

P.S. Isn't that just the way? I was just ready to hit publish when the phone rang. Baby was born at 3:20am, everyone's fine. Phew!


C. Beth said...

I would have been worried too! I'm glad she's okay.

The Brown Recluse said...

Well...I was going to say "no news is good news" but I'm glad they finally called and told you.
Most of us have dysfunctional families in one way or another. There are five of us kids...and know that old saying, "there's one in every family?" Well, we have more than one! Ain't me, of course. lol
Glad you're feeling better. Glad you're going to the dr. if the pain returns.
Wish I had more comforting words about your family. I just know that some people have a really hard time putting into words (and actions, too) that they love us. But I know they do. I hope you know it, too.

Cat said...

glad you feel better today! congrats on the new addition to the family!! your dysfunctional bunch sounds a lot like mine...


Adoption Of Jane Ug-LBC said...

Glad the Baby is okay! Hope your day goes smoother!

Jeanie said...

Sorry you had that hard time waiting to hear, but glad the news was good. I wish they had been more considerate in keeping you informed.

mo.stoneskin said...

I feel for you, hopefully tomorrow's post will contain relief and good news and no abdominal pain.

Tortuga said...

I am a firm believer in the idea that every family has some level of dysfunction, some just hide it better than others, and the rest of us don't care if everyone knows.

Margaret said...

I would have been a mess. Glad everything is ok!

Grand Pooba said...

Phew! Glad baby is doing well! You say you're not close with your family so will you get to see this baby often?

Autumn said...

I love how you're venting it out and then your prayer is answered before you even finish it. LOVE THAT. Well and I hate it too, because once you get the answer you sit there going "Oh ok so you just let me weep my way through this when all along everything was fine.....gee.....thanks"
haha, so glad to hear your not in as much pain and that the baby came and is healthy!! Keep us updated on both!


Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm sorry you had such a stressful, difficult night. I'm glad there was good news. And I hope you find a source of peace and strength.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Congratulations Auntie Cate. I'm glad everything is fine with your sister and the baby. Those worst-case scenario thoughts can put quite a damper on a day.

2cats said...

I am glad the baby came and all is well.
I would have spent the night worrying too. I would have imagined all the scenarios you mentioned. I would have (in my mind) been making travel plans to go home to a funeral.
Middle of the night fright is the worst.

Cindy said...

Glad the baby news is good news. Sorry about your pain. I hope you are well soon. I feel for ya.

And on the subject of dysfunctional families - - it seems that it's the new NORMAL family! I really think so. I mean, who is normal anymore, what defines normal?! I think dysfunctional probably does for most of us! Hugs.

Cindy said...

and BTW, helloooooo?!! baby is girl or baby is boy?? hehehee.