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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Compactor vs Dumpster

Over an hour of my life last night, gone, irretrievable, over the city I work for wanting to impose "mandatory trash compactors" vs multiple dumpsters. To their credit, our council felt that was too pushy and ultimately ruled to leave that decision to the builder.

But, really, an hour? During which they spent twenty minutes in "closed session" receiving legal counsel from the attorney.

It's almost as fun as the last city council meeting I attended for work. That time, they spent almost as long discussing pet waste removal from the public parks and greenways. The big debate then? The definition of "proper waste container". "Is a pocket a proper waste container? Must it be a plastic bag? What about a paper bag? What about a hand?"

Seriously. And we wonder why government takes so damned long to accomplish anything.

ETA: Also, when there are wars and Haiti and important things in the world, it really aggravates me to spend an hour talking about the stupidity of trash compactors. Really? This is the most important thing in our little stupid town? Maybe we need to rethink what we're doing here.


Autumn said...

An hour?! You should email them and point out that last bit (about there being more important things to discuss for a whole hour). You can always set up an anonymous email account to do it if you feel shy. One of these days I want to be outspoken enough that I can stand up in the middle of a meeting like that and say "Um hello, we've been here for 45 minutes talking TRASH.....there are more important things to discuss, like _____ can we make a decision and MOVE ON ALREADY please?!" ((sigh)) but I think right now I'd probably just send an anonymous day day

Tortuga said...

I stopped wondering why the government takes so long quite a bit ago. I was amazed when the state government office managed to get me my teacher's certificate faster than my university could get me my diploma. Someone must have been new in that office and not gotten the take forever memo.

Margaret said...

I have to agree with you! We need to discuss more important things than stupid shit that gets talked about all the time.

Sassy Britches said...

It's almost as though people feel the need to justify themselves and their council positions by trumping up little things like this. Shameful.

WeeSally said...

One thing I've learned here is that US city councils etc never seem to be focused on what's best for their citizens, only what works for them politically and keeps their budget looking nice and shiny.

C. Beth said...

Can you read a book during the boring parts? Or is that rude?