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Thursday, January 07, 2010

First Fursday: Peasant Crunchies

This is Tonya reporting in for a little First Fursday action. Good timing since long-haired human is passed out on one Recliner of Death with a migraine and short-haired human is passed out on the other Recliner of Death with a stomachache. I don't know why he doesn't just barf in a shoe and be done with it.


It seems we've fallen on hard times. I heard long-haired human complaining the other day about the cost of gas for her car. Short-haired human replied that the real sign of a recession is the cost of cat crunchies.

Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice but when he came home from our PuddySmart, I immediately saw he had two bags of crunchies. At first I was excited but then I realized that I didn't recognize the second bag. Blue? Purina? What was this?

Then came this morning. I sang for my ration, as usual, and short-haired human dropped my breakfast in the dish. Only, it smelled different. As I started chomping, I realized that half of these crunchies were of the usual gourmet variety. And the others? Unacceptable!!! What trickery was this?

So I picked around them and left them in the dish. No way was I lowering myself to eat those second-rate kibbles. Rusty, of course, ate his because he has no standards whatsoever. But when my humans come home tonight, they'll see that I, Tonya The Great, will not be forced to eat this peasant food.

I think I'll further drive home my point by swiping whatever they have for their dinner. Please let it be tuna...


Autumn said...

haha!! My dog did this to me the other day. I had to get a more cost efficient brand of dog food and she was beyond ecstatic at the bag of food for her until I put some in her bowl. She looked, sniffed, sneezed and then looked at me like "You're kidding right?" and walked away.... I swear she's part cat.

mo.stoneskin said...

Tricking cats into eating cheap substitutes is the surest sign of the recession. Be careful Tonya, tomorrow they will be feeding you paper.

April Mechelle said...

My dog does like Kibbles N Bits.. She will slam her head in the bowl and start eating only to oick her head up and spit them all out all over the floor. I know how you feel Tonya... LOL

C. Beth said...

Tonya, I am really impressed at your sorting abilities. Would you like to come sort dry beans for me? It's really not too hard but for some reason it's a kitchen task I really resent.

Kathy said...

Interesting...I've been contemplating mixing 2 kinds of cat food myself. If I do, I am sure some of my furry critters will revolt, also! Cute post!

2cats said...

I tried to do that same thing. Mine just took one sniff and walked on by. Later that night was the revolt. The little one ran up and down the hall screaming. For a little thing she really has a set of lungs on her.
What can I say but we learned our lesson.

blognut said...

Poor kitty. I would never try to give you cheap substitute!

PS I'm going to take your advice and barf in a shoe next time I have a tummy ache. Depending on who owns the shoe, it could really help!

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

LOL, my mom always says she wants to die and come back as one her spoiled cats. :)

Even the poor puddy tats are affected by this downturn in the economy. We really should write a letter to Obama to complains.