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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Get a Clue

Christmas eve, Joe gave me a new board game he bought. I love board games but he isn't a big fan. Therefore, I don't buy them unless he specifically requests them.

This game is called "Smart Ass". It basically works like this - one player reads from one of three categories (determined by rolling a special die), where, when or what am I. The other players are then to shout out a guess whenever they like within the 10 clues. The first to shout the correct answer rolls another die and moves the corresponding number of spaces. With only two players, we just took turn asking the questions and answering.

In a related story, Joe doesn't seem to enjoy wrapping gifts. He left it until almost 8pm on Christmas eve and apparently finished off my bottle of Southern Comfort in the process. By the time we sat down to play the game just after 9pm, he was pretty tipsy. This resulted in the following exchanges:
me: Vincent Van Gogh is famous for cutting off what body part?
Joe: Head!
me: Born in Edinburg (Edinburgh). Edinborough. It's pronounced Edinburg, right?
Joe: Scotland. Yeah.
me: Began his career as a model and bodybuilder.
Goldfinger. 007.
Joe: Schwarzenegger!
me: Really? Arnold is Scottish?
Joe: Oh. Brosnan.
me: Goldfinger. Not Goldeneye.
Joe: What's Goldfinger? Man, are you gonna blog this?
Duh. And now I'm following through.

It was about then that Joe "needed to lay down his head" for just a minute. And promptly fell asleep. At 9:30pm. "Smart Ass" indeed.


Beth said...

My husband hates playing board games, too. Maybe I'll try to get him loaded...

Ann On and On... said...

That would have been the best game night. To bad you didn't record it. Hee Hee. What a sport!

Cat said...

hahaha! too damn funny, I love it! I'm gonna look for this game, it sounds like my kinda fun!

Margaret said...

We don't play board games because I can't stand to lose lol

Tiffany said...

LMAO I just LOVE it whenever something is going on and a family member turns to me and says "this is going on your blog isn't it?" and the answer is always "um duh"

Mr. Condescending said...

Hahahah scottish arnold shwarzenegger! "It's not a tumor" "It"s a haggis."

Kelly's Ideas said...

funny. my husband is always a smart ass and we don't need a game for

Happy new year

Her Majesty Lisa (LadyWanderlust) said...

LOL. Friends don't friends play board games drunk! :)

C. Beth said...

Give the poor guy a break; he was probably just exhausted from the hard manual labor he'd just performed (wrapping gifts.)

blognut said...

Awesome! I think you may have quite a few blog posts in that board game!