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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hired Help

Because I'm taking advantage of a rare visit from my muse, I'm just going to share part of a discussion I had with BrigitteZ yesterday afternoon.
BrigitteZ: i had to lock the pups in the computer room this morning b/c my dad hired yet another new maid
me: he not find one hot enough yet?
BrigitteZ: the dogs usually go in the laundry room so if they pee - its on tile
they're all little old mexican ladies
me: are you employing illegals?!?!?
BrigitteZ: hahaha
i have no idea
I am not employing anyone, my dad is
me: i think Jesus is illegal
our tree guy
we aren't sure
or it could just be that he's legal and the business isn't
BrigitteZ: ah i thought you meant like actual Jesus
me: i know, i love that
BrigitteZ: b/c he can be whatever he wants
being like the Lord and all
me: "Jesus trims my trees, jealous?"
Guess our yard guy oozes more Jesus than my brother.

P.S. All joking aside, I'm pretty sure Jesus is legal or we wouldn't be employing him. But BrigitteZ is an artiste so she may be getting all creative with the truth. Punk.


mo.stoneskin said...

I'm sure that as far as legality is concerned, Jesus (Son of God) is not too bothered. On the other hand if Jesus (tree trimmer) accepts cash only then my suspicions would be aroused.

Anyway, I suggest you sack Jesus (tree trimmer, not Son of God) and employ me. I'll trim your tree for half Jesus' price (tree trimmer, not Son of God). Got a chainsaw in my hand right now.

C. Beth said...

Maybe Tree Trimmer Jesus is giving the trimmings to Son of God Jesus for his carpentry business!

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