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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running Away

Yes, I'm running away. Kinda. I'll have to make vast improvements to my distance and speed if my legs are going to be my primary means of escape.

Last Friday, I started thinking about running again. And on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, I ran week one of the Couch to 5k (c25k) running plan.

It wasn't great, my times weren't amazing. I actually did best on my first run but I think that's primarily due to the flatness of that trail. The other two evenings I ran near the house and it's a lot more hilly there.

When I did this program before, I mostly ran it on the treadmill in the gym, using the timer on the machine to track my intervals. Occasionally (weekends), I'd be able to run with Joe and he used his watch to time me. This time, I'm trying to run mostly outside and even go by myself but I hate trying to stare at the watch because it's hard to just concentrate on running and form. I've been relying instead on Robert Ullrey's podcasts and they're great. He's not a crazy constant cheerleader but just gives reminders about good form and breathing while using vocal cues to tell you when to run or walk. The music he chose is upbeat and I'm really enjoying running this way.

So, I've accomplished something. A whole first week of running. I'm hoping to start week 2 on Saturday but the weather might not cooperate. I'm okay with running inside if trails and roads aren't safe enough for foot traffic but I'm not venturing to the gym if the roads are too bad for car traffic. We'll see what happens.

Other than Tuesday, this has been a decent week. I accomplished a lot yesterday. Now, to survive the return of the boss (he's been gone for a week)!


C. Beth said...

Yaaay! I'm glad it's going well. I'm having to be a little less freaky about missing an occasional day. Today the hubby had to head out of town for a very last-minute day trip, at 6 a.m. Plus with this head cold I would have needed to take the day off anyway. Have to remind myself, I'm not going to collapse into a puddle of muscle-less goo if I only run twice this week. :)

TMC said...

Good for you!!

Autumn in jeans said...

I might have to take off tomorrow and Saturday which would suck but I too refuse to 'brave the roads' in ice and unsafe conditions. It's not bravery if it could cost you your life ya know? I'm just not that dedicated to running thanks lol.

Glad to hear your first week went by swimmingly {runningly?} here's to week two!! Cheers!


Margaret said...

That is always hard when they come back after being gone for so long. They are always super mean it seems. At least it is where I work at.

blognut said...

Awesome! I'm going to check the website. I started running again right around the first of the year, and I feel great about it. Not so much the part that requires me to get up early, but the sense of accomplishment and the fitness part is great. I was surprised to find that the endurance comes back pretty quickly.