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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spam sammich

I wrote this awhile ago. Apparently. Because it's sitting in my drafts with a date of 06/02/09. I don't so much remember writing it but that's not surprising. That was right around family vacation time and I've tried to block a lot of that out. Looks like I was collecting spam. Anyways, today is the day I hit my coworker in the nose publish.

Thanks to our drugs your manhood will shine again. Really, is THAT what men want? Shiny? Or is that maybe what they think women want? I guess that makes sense if they watch all of those shampoo commercials about shiny hair.

I'd like to introduce you to my sister. No thanks, I've already got my own to deal with.

Your car in trouble. I hope not, that sounds expensive. And I only took it in for an oil change!

Fight the high prices of designer watches. Now THERE's a noble cause. Since we've already taken care of AIDS, homelessness, starvation and malaria, this seems like the only cause left. Just tell me where to make my tax-deductible donation.

Yo. Yo yourself!

Excuse me for bothering. Oh, how I can relate to this one.


Autumn said...

I like the sister response best I have two of them that are driving me up a wall: one of them wont speak to me (Long story) the other one wont SHUT UP! (I tell her I'm learning about computers and suddenly I'm supposed to be an expert and give her free tech advice 24/7 365? Um no.)

Gah!!! Love these, I might possibly steal this idea for a post in a few days when I'm too tired to think straight :P

Kimmy said...

LOL!! Love the designer watch response. They have so many stupid things out there when there are more important things to be worrying about.

Great post and glad you published it! :O)

Nessa said...

I like the Spam from the can. The other kind makes me shake my head in wonder.

Princess Andy said...

all i ever seem to get are letters from long lost family in nigeria who want to leave me millions.

i keep sending them my financial info, but so far? nothing.

perhaps they have done a credit check.

<3 andrea

Grand Pooba said...

Yo is my favorite`

blognut said...

I have to admit, the prospect of shiny manhood has captured my attention.

What else did you write?

C. Beth said...

Where can I get the job of writing spam emails?

Oh wait, you say it's in a special level of hell? Never mind, I don't care for heat.