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Friday, January 22, 2010

Those Around Us

My pal BBZ shared a link with me this week that was kind of interesting. It was an article on about how the people we associate are indicative of our own success. Supposedly the people we hang out with influence our personal goals and achievements to the point of (paraphrasing here) making us fat, poor, and lonely.

Awesome. And if you don't want to read the link, you should at least click because there's a really adorable photo of a snoozing puppy.

But the point of the article was that while we can love friends and family who maybe aren't as successful as we hope to be, we also need to find peers to influence and encourage us. People to look up to as we plod along. Role models, full of awesomeness, that make us reach higher. Think there's anything to it?

This general idea is something I've talked about with a lot of my friends. Sometimes we have to shed people who are bringing us down when we're trying to climb up. This just goes one step further - surrounding ourselves deliberately with positive influences.

Before you think I'm suddenly going to run off and join a convent or the Peace Corps, let me assure you I'm not starting anywhere near that noble. A primary goal for me this year is getting my body back in shape. I want to feel and look good again. And recently (maybe it's the whole new year thing), a lot of my Twitter pals are doing the same. Frequent trips to the gym. Completing or starting (depending on who you talk to) the Couch to 5k (c25k) running program.

With all of these energetic folks tweeting away around me, I'm feeling that positive influence. Maybe *I* could give C25k another try! Beth just completed it. Autumn's just starting up - maybe starting along with her would keep us both motivated.

Yes, I think I just might. I know I also need to make better eating choices as well. But in the meantime, please don't be frightened if you see me huffing and puffing on the side of the road. I'm not going to blow your house down. Promise.

And beyond the fitness influence, I also have people around me who are putting me in a great mindset to conquer a few more areas. Look out world, here I come!


WeeSally said...

Yay One of Us!
You can do it, I have every faith in your ability :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

You can do it!!

I agree about having positive influences around you in order to also boost yourself.

I think it's part of why I love my church family so much... because I've found people who are like minded and who live a lot of the same values I strive for. It's good to have a place to turn when I am struggling and the people I turn to just "get" me right away.

CambridgeLady said...

I started the couch to 5k last year and had to stop when I got a chest infection. Planning to restart as soon as the weather improves so I'll be huffing and puffing (and bright red faced) along with you. It does feel good when you improve your fitness and it happens really quickly. Good luck!!

Autumn in jeans said...

Ok FIRST of all you and Beth are two of those people that make me push myself harder and reach higher because you're just that awesome and I aspire to be more like you two.
Secondly, thanks for the link back!!!
Thirdly, you can totally do this!!! You know Beth and I are cheering you on and running 'with' you as best as we can from our homes lol.

Thanks for inspiring me, whether you know it or not, you have inspired me greatly here =)


C. Beth said...

Woo hoo!!! Thanks for the shout-out. So glad you're doing C25 again!

Nessa said...

Finding people to encourage you on your path is very important.

Boy Meets Girl in 55

Tabitha said...

I've been thinking of trying the C25K thing as well... Let us know if you go for it, and maybe that'll motivate me, too. :)