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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Squirrel On Campus

While chatting with a friend recently, the conversation came around to squirrels on campus, like it always does.

Wait, it always doesn't? Must be we're doing it wrong.


At her school, seeing an albino squirrel on the way to an exam was a harbinger of an A.

At my university, we didn't have albino squirrels that I can remember. However, we did have squirrels aplenty. And one day, I came across the priest-president of the university. You would think this would be an intimidating superior kind of person but instead, as I came upon him, he reached over and handed something to the squirrel.

"Look," he said to me. "They like the green ones!"

And that's the day I fed Lifesavers to a squirrel with the president of our university.

What's that got to do with anything? Nothing at all. But it came to mind and I figured I'd just post it up for you because even though I said I would be MIA for a bit, I guess I meant more from reading/commenting and not so much from blogging here. Because I have a blogging sickness I'm just too committed to providing quality squirrel-related entertainment.

You're welcome.


TMC said...

I adore squirrels and appreciate your squirrel-related post.

Melinda said...

Squirrels are pretty cute actually. My mom always feeds the squirrels, and they know she will feed them if they come by the house. There is one particular squirrel that will climb on the dining room window ledge (which also serves as mom's office) and knock on the window to let my mom know she is there. I wouldn't have believed this story if I had not seen the squirrel do it with my own eyes one visit. My mom really loves having critters to feed, so she actually buys a package of cookies specifically for them. Kind of nuts but it is a lot of fun to see them come up and take the cookie from my mom with no fear. She is the squirrel whisperer.

Michele said...

OMG... that's too funny.

They like the green ones... cracked me right up!!!

Miss you ;)

Rabbit said...

I wonder if Lifesaver Squirrel is related to Post Office Squirell... Maybe that lady (at the post office) should have offered him a Lifesaver - or perhaps a breath mint? - instead of going street rat crazy and climbing on the counter...

Nessa said...

When my cousin came to visit us in New Jersey last year, he was totally crazy over the squirrels. He took several hundreds of dollars worth of photos of them with his phone.

A New Old Fairy Tale

Jeanie said...

I haven't ever had that squirrels on campus conversation, though I have talked to a few squirrels, but I liked your story.

That corgi :) said...

I think it would be interesting to see an albino squirrel. we have a few squirrels that come running (quickly) through our yard to get next door to our neighbor's who has a lot of fruit trees. He captures them in a trap, takes them back to the local park, but they always seem to find their way back

and that's my squirrel story for today


C. Beth said...

Sweet story--and I bet it made the president more of a "regular guy" in your eyes.