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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Furry Follow-Up

At the risk of becoming "that chick who always blogs about her cats", I decided to go ahead and post a follow-up on Tonya today. So many of you are Team Tonya, it seemed appropriate.

The vet called around noon to tell me that Tonya had done well with the sedation and dental work. No additional extractions were necessary. "She's feisty, that one. I had quite the time getting my hands on her so we could even attempt the sedative."

When I picked her up around 4pm, she was already in her cage. With her back to me. Refusing to look me in the eye. I don't blame her - I probably wouldn't speak to me either. We made the quick trip home in an awkward silence and finally I was able to open her cage in the living room.

It wasn't long before I determined that my cat was clearly drunk. Her back legs seemed to have no notion of where the front legs were going, resulting in a lot of zigging and zagging. Before I could slow her down, she took her fluffy booty up the stairs, falling several times along the way.

Since she wasn't allowed to eat the night before, I hooked her up with some wet food, thinking it would be easier on her sore mouth. The little piggy snarfed down the whole can in ten minutes! At this point, I realized my cat was not drunk. She was high and had a horrible case of the munchies. Also, while I was nervous for her, she wasn't feeling any pain. The only pain was that inflicted on my Visa.

As I watched her wobble around, I suddenly realized that this must be exactly how it was for Joe when he's brought me home after anesthesia or when I've taken migraine meds. He's totally alarmed that I might throw myself down the stairs and I'm just having the time of my life. Sit down? Why should I sit down? Weeeee!!! I want to go make a quesadilla!!!! RIGHT NOW!!! If she knew what one was, I'm pretty sure Tonya would be wanting a quesadilla right now. Or at the very least a cuppycake.

Instead, she spent the evening happily drooling away, hoping it was all a very bad dream. I, however, know that the nightmare is not over yet - the vet sent us home with 3 syringes of liquid painkillers and 14 pills of antibiotics. The charge for the meds, by the way, was $O*.

So there you are, a furry follow-up. All kitties and humans are (so far) just fine. And hopefully she doesn't need to go anywhere near the vet again until her annual exam in July.

* You have received our (unnamed) discount. Probably because Tonya is an (unnamed) amount of Satan but it would seem that might carry an upcharge.

P.S. Two of the worst smells in the world are cat urine and canned cat food.


C. Beth said...

Very funny. I think if the biggest issue was a drunk cat, and not a vet tech with eyeballs scratched out, it was a success.

TMC said...

well hey, it could end up looking good for you. another side-effect of meds? a limited memory of the experience! :)

Tortuga said...

I'm glad she's doing well, even if she is free entertainment for the time being. Makes me wonder what stupid things I do just after anesthesia, haha,

Betty said...

I just hope she didn´t throw up all that food she wolfed down.... :) That is THE worst smell!

The Wife O Riley said...

I'm glad the kitty and the vet came out unharmed.

You might want to sent her up with "Darkside of the Moon" when you give her those pain meds.

Margaret said...

I am glad she is ok. I have too agree with you on the two worst smells. There is nothing worse that is for sure.

Kathy said...

I laughed out loud at the image in my mind of your drunk cat... I agree with your opinion of the two worst smells, too! Glad kitty has that ordeal behind her--and you, too. Aren't cats something else??? Life would be so dull without them...Kathy

Marina said...

you are so funny! I enjoyed reading this vet adventure.... :-)

Autumn in jeans said...

Lol awwww poor Tonya!! So glad to hear everything went well!! I'm sure I've been like her a few times after surgeries. Um, how exactly are you supposed to get her to take the meds they gave you to give her? Praying that part goes well for you too!