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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How the Olympics Fail

In case you haven't noticed, the Olympics have been happening for the last week or so. In general, I enjoy the a lot of the events that are shown. Speed skating, downhill skiing, bobsledding. I've even been known to watch the two extremes of hockey and figure skating. But not that stupid ice dancing - that's for wusses who can't jump.

This time around, however, I'm finding myself not watching much of the games. After several nights of trying, I've come to the conclusion that the following things are hampering my enjoyment:

I will start with Bob Costas, just to get it out of the way. It needs no explanation. His existence is not necessary.

I'm also tired of Ohno? Ohyes! headlines. Oh barf!

The time difference also screws East coasters (no idea how this plays for Westies). Just because NBC has time to edit events doesn't necessarily mean that they should. Sure, I'm all for cutting out some of the boring wait time between competitors but not every commercial break needs to be accompanied with some slick package. (Haha, that's what she said). I'm tired of big tear-jerking videos about all of the hopes and dreams and dedication. Dude, they're at the Olympics. We get it.

And of course since NBC has the time to edit coverage, they aren't just going to edit out the time required to reset the course. They also edit out anyone who:
a) is not favored to win
b) is not American
c) doesn't fall down
d) doesn't pull off a surprise victory
Seriously, watch an event. Out of the dozens of competitors, you won't see a single one that doesn't fit into one of those four categories. If you don't recognize the name and they aren't Team USA, they will either crash or win a medal.

This is handy when it comes to fitting the entire games into a nice neat evening broadcast though. Hours of competition edited down into one convenient little highlight presentation. No need to be bothered with those inferior athletes who qualified but not worthy of broadcast time.

And those are some of the reasons I think I'm not enjoying the Olympics a whole lot this time.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another Olympics post - about how I would change the games to promote World Peace.


Eternal Lizdom said...

It's funny- my husband scoffed when the Olympics started up this year. And yet- he's been watching them every night!

I watch and enjoy- but I agree with your observations, too. I didn't feel this way during Beijing so maybe they have changed things up this time around? And not for the better...

We had a great time watching the ski jumpers last night- and ocmparing their distance to how well we can do on the Wii Fit Ski Jump. We totally kicked all their butts.

mo.stoneskin said...

If I was an Olympic news editor I would completely fabricate the report using state-of-the-art special effects as I transform poor-quality clips of myself stumbling about an abandoned athletics complex into "Olympic highlights".

blognut said...

What? They're edited?

I thought there were only four athletes in each event, and two of them were Americans. Are there more? Really? How many?

And Bob Costas? Should get a pink slip. Oh, wait! Doesn't he have one already?

Grand Pooba said...

This makes me okay with the fact that I haven't watched, read, or heard about one event this year.

TMC said...

I totally agree. The only time I watched the games this year was when Husband was home last week. He enjoys watching sports and pretending he's an expert, even if he's never seen it before.

I know people who know Bob Costas. They all say he's a high-maintenance diva. But he plays such an average guy on tv.

Kaylen said...

Ha - I thought it was totally coincidence that I happened to catch the Olympics only when one of those four things happen!! Like I was magically just having the best timing!

Nessa said...

I don't usually watch the olympics, but your points of annoyance sound annoying.

Jeanie said...

I have been not-so-enchanted with the Olympics this time around but have sort of been afraid to say so at the risk of sounding anit-American or anti-world peace or anti-something. Mostly, I just haven't been able to get into it and now you have told my why.

C. Beth said...

I love watching Apollo Ohno. But don't worry, I still like you. :)

That corgi :) said...

but I like the ice dancing (really); looks so graceful on the ice. I admire anyone who can stay on two feet on ice :)

for some reason, the Olympics aren't doing anything for me this time around either. Maybe I'm just getting old.


Donnetta said...

I'm a sucker for the Olympics, even with all of your very true points. I've stayed awake way too late way too many times!

But Bob Costas - BARF!

Kirsten said...

I'm not loving how the games are being broadcast this year. I'm very interested in all figure skating events, but they'll show one teaser routine then not show the rest until later in the evening, so I'm up until midnight every night. That doesn't jive with my 7am start at work. I wish they'd tell you exactly when each event was on, not just a grab bag of the day's events shown in no particular order.

Oh, and here on the west coast, the opening ceremonies were shown on a tape delay. East coast got to watch it live, but not those of us who are in the same time zone as Vancouver.

Mellisa Rock said...

Ice dancing IS for Those who can't jump -- this was the first time that I had seen this sport? and I was waiting for the big throws and side by side jumps...such a disappointment!