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Friday, February 05, 2010

New York, New York!

When I booked our trip to visit the family, I sent the following to a friend that lives in New York.
I'm coming to see you!
and by "you" i mean "new york"
and by "new york" i don't mean any of the good parts
Unfortunately, she lives several hours away from where I'll be in Podunk, NY. But it's still technically the same state.

Anyways, today's the day. Depending on when you read this post, I'll either be leaving on a jet plane, arriving in Podunk, perhaps visiting my MIL and then having dinner with friends. Hopefully all of this without feeling sick with anxiety. So good luck to me!

As for my blog, email responses may be a bit delayed. Six Word Saturday will happen as usual tomorrow. Something will probably even be posted Sunday and Monday. But forgive me if it's a bit sparse. Or, you know, thank me for some rare brevity! I've got enough to worry about so I'm giving myself permission to let things slip a bit around here. I know you'll understand.

And for kicks, you can probably watch me freak out realtime on Twitter (also on my sidebar), assuming I have data coverage.


C. Beth said...

Have fun (?)!

silver star said...

Good luck!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

And not the good parts...

A woman after my own heart.

That is...if I knew or had ever been to the bad parts of New York.

Don't get chased by a pimp like Homer.

And, uh, good luck getting over that "major winter storm" that's hanging out on the east coast today.

mo.stoneskin said...

I just wanted to thank you kindly for the prophesied rare brevity.


*wipes spittle off screen*

Kimmy said...

Good luck and hopefully you'll have fun!

Snarky A. said...

Good luck today!

Nessa said...

There will be lots of snow.

Flash 55 - Buried Secrets

That corgi :) said...

stay safe in case there's a lot of snow and I hope the visit goes as well as it can


blogn said...

I hope you can let yourself have a good time. (Assuming of course, that having a good time is an option.) (And if not, try to have a good time anyway.)

(I've become parenthetically complicated, haven't I?)

Autumn in jeans said...

Remember no matter how bad the trip out there might be, it will just make coming home that much better!! You never appreciate home as much as you do when you get back from visiting family!! Haha! You'll be fine, your a tough chick. Praying all goes well for you and looking forward to 6WS!!


faerwillow said...

~have the most ever delightful time...great memories to be made...brightest blessings~