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Monday, February 08, 2010

Random Monday Bits

I'm traveling back home to my undisclosed location today. Hoping we have no weather-related (or other) issues. I'll start playing catch-up once we return to the house. In the meantime, just a few bits to share.

Congrats to the Saints. Some lovely plays. However... I never need to hear or see who dat ever again. It grates against my admittedly questionable impeccable grammatical skills. Also? Geaux Saints. No. Just no. Not neaux. No. If I ever see geaux ever again, someone may get punched in the face.

I hit it out of the park with my gifties for the nephew and niece. We bought Collin a little key ring that makes noises and lights up. Best $7 ever spent. And upon opening outfits on Saturday, my sister immediately discarded the dress she had planned for Caley's church dedication in favor of what I bought. I mean, seriously, look at that dress? How could you NOT just adore it?

Sunday, I logged in to check the cat cam and what did I see? Not only a kitty (Rusty), but also the cat-sitter. She was taking a picture of Rusty to send to us. I kinda wanted to take a screenshot of her taking a picture of the cat and send it back to her. How creepy would THAT be? Except we like her and trust her and she puts up with Tonya so probably best not to make her angry.

Guess that's all I've got. I'm hoping once I return home I'll be able to share a few trip stories in a more coherent way.


Snarky A. said...

Have a safe trip home, Cate!

That corgi :) said...

that dress is adorable! hoping the return trip is a smooth one


blognut said...

The image of you stalking the cat sitter made me laugh out loud. You should totally send her a picture of her taking a picture of Rusty!

Seriously... it won't be creepy.


McGillicutty said...

blognut is wrong.. there I said it... it is totally creepy, does she know the camera is there? what if she was scratchin' her butt or something?

With ya on the Who Dat??? probably 'cos I just don't get it. :)

Seansmoma said...

That dress is SOOO cute! I Almost want to have a little girl so I can dress her in that! . . . ALMOST . . .

Have a safe trip!

Autumn in jeans said...

Haha I totally would have taken a screen shot of her taking a picture.
ADORABLE dress!!! Soooooo cute!!! Get home safely and quickly so we can hear more about your visit home!!

I'm with you on the who dat and geaux stuff. YAY SAINTS though, even if their fans can't speak proper English :P

mo.stoneskin said...

Undisclosed location? Couldn't you disclose it so that I can send you a welcome bottle of wine?

Nessa said...

That dress is beautiful. Have a safe return trip.


C. Beth said...

You done good on that dress. :)

Fragrant Liar said...

Woot-woot! Geaux Saints!

And what's up with the cat butt scratching? Ew, dude. Ew.

Grand Pooba said...

I don't do coherent.