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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

World Peace at the Olympics

The Olympics are a big International event. A gathering of nations for a few friendly games.

And a wasted opportunity.

Imagine how much different the games would be if instead of competing against each other, countries played along-side each other?

I'm not saying the act of pairing athletes from North and South Korea on a curling team would bring peace between the countries. And I don't think the situation in the Middle East is going to be repaired by putting a couple of guys in a bobsled together.

But why not let them play games and have fun instead of all of the one-up-manship? And how about instead of speed skating, they do something like have a snowman-making competition. Or they could create forts! Snow angels? I'd suggest a snowball fight but that might turn ugly.

Any other suggestions for making the Olympics focus more on working together instead of competing against each other?

P.S. In the spirit of the games, I hosted the enemy neighbors from the North for dinner last night. Two Canadians. And I totally resisted the temptation to have "Go Team USA Hockey" written on a cake.
P.P.S. Or "Canada: Champion of Hockey Curling".
P.P.P.S. They were actually pretty nice. For Canadians. Even if they DO say "aboot".


Betty said...

Watch it Cate! Canadian here.... :)

TMC said...

I think the corporate-ness of the games devalues their integrity.

Princess Andy said...

i was saying the exact same thing to the kids last night after hearing nothing but ranting about how many medals this country has versus the other country, blah blah blah. i'm all "why can't it be praising the individual athletes for a great performance and celebrating talent and dedication instead of all this our country has more medals than you".

but nobody agreed and then i felt outnumbered so i just shutthehellup.


and isn't it north dakota people that say "aboot"? we're all about the "eh?" around here. but we don't sound normal in our house anyway...just a big mish mash of newfie, british, and redneck. you'll need a translator to come along for a visit. i suggest tonya.

<3 andrea

C. Beth said...

Thinking aboot this....

I think if we use your suggestions, we need to make the medals chocolate (covered with different colors of foil.) Chocolate would definitely bring enemies together and make everyone happy and peaceful.

mo.stoneskin said...

But you invited the Canadians round purely to feel victorious. Right?

Grand Pooba said...

What are you talking aboot?

Nessa said...

My daughter is half Canadian so I did my part, right?

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