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Friday, March 05, 2010

Clarification about my "hypothetical baby"

Last night, I tweeted the following:
Also, in our hypothetical pregnancy, Joe wants it to be a surprise. And then he wants it to be a boy. Eww.
Then I went to bed.

This morning, I woke up to multiple tweets of this nature:
ZOMG babies? Did I miss something? Congratulations, you're having babies?!?!?!?111one!?!
Back that pony up!!! HYPOTHETICAL babies. As in we were watching a show (The Office) and there was baby-related content and we were talking about "someday, if WE ever have a kid, blah blah blah".

And Joe said that he wants the gender to be a surprise. But then he wants it to be a boy. Yuck. MY hypothetical baby is female. I like to tell him that I'll insist on naming her Gertrude and he won't be allowed to argue with me because I just carried this hypothetical baby in my belly for nine months.

But it's just a "maybe someday" baby. Unfortunately, when you're as screwed up in the head as I am, especially when it comes to mother-issues, it's just not as easy as it ought to be.

So settle down, folks, and cancel BabyWatch2010 for this uterus. No babies here!


C. Beth said...

"cancel BabyWatch2010 for this uterus"

So when do you think someone will find a way to do a live, in-utero webcam of an entire pregnancy?

mo.stoneskin said...

You mean I need to take that blue babygrow back?

The Brown Recluse said...

Your head is not near as screwed up as you think. I mean...take a look around you. Listen to the news. Case closed.

You could hypothetically have one of each...girl and boy twins. I mean, as long as you're hypothesizing.

If/when the baby-time'll do just fine, boy or girl.

Eternal Lizdom said...

At least you know you will have oodles of VERY excited people when the "big day" does arrive! Just think- you'll have to find a REALLY creative way to make the announcement!

Rabbit said...

You mean someone reacted to a Tweet without actually READING it thoroughly???? NO!!!! Surely you jest!

That corgi :) said...

wonder if some people didn't know what the word "hypothetical" meant. (perhaps they thought it was some new way to conceive)

it is too funny though. I think people get so busy reading posts/updates, etc, they don't really take the time to comprehend what they are reading

I agree with Brown Recluse, if you decide to have a baby, boy or girl, you will do fine

I thought I would kill a newborn (because I wouldn't know how to care for it, not that I would do intentional harm to it). So I was happy the first one we adopted was a year old. When I got my newborn 3.5 years later (adopted at 6 days old), we managed to do just fine and despite the (many) bumps along the way, he turned 21 yesterday and is still alive (though there were times in those teen years.....)

enjoy the weekend


Jeanie said...

It good that you guys are starting to form a plan for the "someday". You may be better at it than you think from learning so much about what not to do.

Nessa said...

HYPOTHETICAL babies are so much less work than real ones. Good choice.

Flash 55 - Earthquake

One Single Impression - Running

Donnetta said...

Girl, you had to know you would launch a landslide of comments with that - or should I say babyslide!

TMC said...

please note that I wasn't one of those who freaked out about ZOMG babies. (What's the z for?)


blognut said...

You can have, or not have, as many babies as you like, Cate. But don't mother issues decide it for you.

If anything, my mother issues taught me exactly what I did NOT want to be as a mother, and I think I turned out to be a relatively good one. It's a matter of perspective, I'm sure. :)

Don't you love it when I show up here and start lecturing you? I'll go now.