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Monday, March 01, 2010

Going to See the Pope

We've booked another European adventure. Let's hope that this time, my anxiety cooperates and I don't spend half the trip in a hotel room praying to the porcelain gods and puking my fish n chips.

We like to fly into London because we can do that directly from our undisclosed location. Once there, we usually wander around London for a bit before hopping a discount airline to another destination. We've done Paris, Dublin, and Western Ireland. This time, we were choosing between Italy and Spain.

Here's the thing about both locations but specifically Italy and even more specifically Rome - our trip is right around Easter. As in Catholics flocking to the Vatican to see the Pope. As in a gazillion people in a small space and fewer hotels and restaurants and it's a holiday and now it's going to cost a fortune.

What I really want to know - is Rome like Disney World? At Disney World, I had special Mouse ears with a veil attached and it said "bride". If I pack my Pope-hat equivalent, will people give me free desserts? Maybe move me to the front of the ride line?

It'll either get me discounts or deported. Either way, it'll make a great blog post!

P.S. In the end, we chose five days in Barcelona and then two days in Edinburgh. I guess the Pope didn't want me there because he made sure it was impossible to make arrangements.

P.P.S. And that's probably Joe's fault because he's been eating meat on Friday. I think the Pope is angry at him and taking it out on me.


Melissa B. said...

Funny! I was going to suggest Spain, but looks like the Gods helped you choose the right destination. I wouldn't go anywhere NEAR Rome on Easter! Hey, before you leave, drop by my place. I have a very special present for you...

Snarky A. said...

Maybe you can swing by the Pope real quick, maybe while Joe is in the restroom trying to mix warm & cold in separate faucets to just right in order to wash his hands, and manage a quicky arrest - it would make such a funny story!

Either way, it sounds like an amazing trip! And good luck with the faucets.

blognut said...

I think you made the right choice. You never would've gotten close enough to see the pope. Maybe Barcelona has a good wax museum and they'll have a wax pope in there. Get pictures if they do, 'cause no one will ever believe you got to stand that close to the wax pope.

Grand Pooba said...

Because fish is meat.

See? You taught me well.

Jeanie said...

How exciting! I love London, I'm really wanting to go back. I have only spent a few days in Barcelona, but I really loved it. Your are going to have a wonderful time. Rome would be fantastic, but better to go sometime besides Easter.

Donnetta said...

Rome is one of my favorite places on the planet!! Beautiful, great wine, romantic, great wine, sexy accents, great wine, awesome shoes and did I mention GREAT WINE!

soulbrush said...

rome is exquisite, but NOT at easter, go there another time and don't miss out venice either. you have made a great choice, enjoy enjoy.

C. Beth said...

I'm trying not to be totally, insanely jealous as I recover from Zoodle's incredibly annoying whining/crying fit this morning. HAVE FUN!!