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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Not Here! (But I Am)

Ahh, overnight flights. I'm sure that as you read this, I'm a loopy crazy jet-lagged mess. Poor Joe. Our flight was scheduled to leave the US around 6pm and arrive in London around 7am, serving up some crap food and a lot of noise that makes it impossible to sleep along the way. We did use a bunch of airline miles to upgrade to first class for the trip over so maybe it wasn't so bad. Anyways, two days, two nights in London before we hop along to Barcelona.

What's that mean for the blog while I'm away? I've spent the last couple of weeks making sure you'll have fresh new posts here every day while I'm gone. You'll be enjoying reading all of the regularly-scheduled features such as First Fursday (brought to you by Rusty!) and Six Word Saturday. Next week, I have four guest posts for you! And in-between, I'll be sharing pre-written updates on our scheduled travel plans.

So even though I'm gone, you don't get a break from me. My obsession with new posts every day almost broke me but with some help from my friends (and my cat), we've made it happen.

That's how dedicated I am to you. You're welcome.

Now, quiet down, I'm trying to get some sleep over here.


Donnetta said...

Yeah - I'm SO glad you made sure we were taken care of before you left on your FABULOUS trip!

Have fun!!

Joanie M said...

enjoy your trip!!!

Jazzbumpa said...

Such dead ication!

Can we bring ication back to life?

Hoo nose!


Kimmy said...

WOW! Now that is dedication!!

Sounds like you'll be having a great time. Don't miss us too much, now!

C. Beth said...

You should have written the "Blogging with Discipline" post. You're more disciplined than I am!

Anonymous said...

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