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Friday, March 12, 2010

Playing Favorites

Yesterday afternoon, SomeMonkey was telling me about something one of her kids had done. I responded that this is why Child #3 is my favorite.

And that made me think. They say it's wrong to have a favorite child. It made me feel bad that her children #1 and #2 are not my favorites. Does she resent me for it? Was I being unfair? Rude?

But the thing is, they aren't my children so I guess it doesn't matter. Really, that works to my advantage - it's well-known that outside of my family, I'm the favorite. The smartest, the brightest, the most successful. Inside of my family, it's well-known that I'm the least favorite. The most rebellious, the coldest, the one that occasionally stands up to our mother's lying and narcissism. So it's to my advantage that people outside of the family are allowed to have favorites, especially if that favorite is going to be moi.

I'm sure that with time, SomeMonkey's Child #2 will be my favorite anyways. #1 and #3 are boys and eventually, boys are gross. Child #1 has already crossed that threshold and Child #3 has about two more years before he falls from grace. And then it's all about the girl.

Be warned, Child #2. Cate is coming for you.


Kel said...

I think you're allowed to have favorites when they aren't your children. :) Happy Friday!


That corgi :) said...

honestly, I think parents have favorites and kids know it (my brother was my mom's favorite) but we were all treated the same (for the most part) so it was okay :)

have a good weekend


ella said...

We all totally have favorites. C'mon ---how can you not?

Jazzbumpa said...

Let me guess - Boy #1 is 11, or close to it.

It is inevitable that there will be favorites. The challenge is to fair, regardless.

It's not just in families. You see it everywhere.

JzB my favorite trombonist

Accidentally Me said...

Favorites are totally OK, so long as it because you like that kid a lot...not because you dislike the others;-). My guess is that most parents would probably not react too well to "Well, Jimmy is OK, but Sally really sucks. How do you keep her around?"

Elftea said...

I have favorite things I like about each of my children. I am lucky, I only have one of each. I can tell them

"you are my favorite girl and you are my favorite boy"

TMC said...

Well, kids are people and we like and get along with some people better than others.

I don't think it hurts anything in an earth shattering way but the kids shouldn't hear anything about it. You might be close to kid #2 but kid #3 idolizes you. That could make for some hurt feelings. Or maybe they don't care. ??

The Brown Recluse said...

lol boys aren't gross! just wait til you give birth to one. heheh Oh, well, there's the diaper thing. That IS gross.

I always tell my brothers and sisters that I'm the favorite. I've not convinced them yet. Mom whispers to each of us, "you're my special child!" I'm yet to figure out how exactly she means that.

C. Beth said...

Hubby is his mom's favorite. For realz.

Inadvertently Domesticated said...

my sister always tells me which one of my kids is her favorite. i only have two. for the past 7 years, her favorite was my son. it recently changed to my daughter. :)