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Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Stuff

I'm so scattered right now, trying to accomplish eleventy bajillion things and probably failing at most of it. So today, you get random bits of the stuff inside my head.
  • The Google Group for my subdivision spent all day Wednesday emailing back and forth about wildlife making mating and sex noises in the woods behind their houses...
  • ...except for the neighbor who noted it was Spring and that meant snakes and included a photo of a snake he had run over in his garage.
  • Someone at work hates the gov't-provided soap. I don't blame them - it's gross. They bring in a free-standing handsoap from Bath & Body Works. The latest selection? It's called Sensual. I mean, it's lovely. But for WORK?
  • Remember that time when I said everyone in my department at work ordered bbq from a church fundraiser but I didn't and then I had to sit around and smell it while they ate? Not this year - I ordered my own, thankyouverymuch.
  • Any dream interpreters here? I keep dreaming about my infant niece, Caley, and how insanely hard I'm trying to cradle her head so I don't break her neck. What's that about?
That's all I've got right now. Come back tomorrow for Six Word Saturday!


TechnoBabe said...

Whew. Eleventy bajillion sounds like too much for anyone to handle. What a friend to make sure you saw the snake after the fact. Ugh. Glad you got the bbq this time. In fact, it sounds good. Maybe that's what we will have today!

Jeanie said...

One step at a time, Cate, though eleventy bajillion is a lot of single steps. Maybe your first step should be to cut down your list a little. I bet you are getting more done than you think.

C. Beth said...

Too bad a dream interpreter didn't find this post, like a handwriting expert did yesterday. :)