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Monday, April 19, 2010

Full Circle

My body is anti-antibiotics. Of all things to be allergic to, pretty much every antibiotic known to man is on the list. I also suffer from many nature-related allergies, such as trees, mold, mildew, grass, etc. This all in addition to allergies to my cats, which Tonya celebrates daily by rolling around on my pillow. But the one area in which I'm fortunate not to experience a lot of allergies is food. In fact, the only thing I'm allergic to is coconut.

After clearing security for our outbound flight to Europe, Joe went to find something to eat. My request? I wanted a cookie with some chocolate in it. Like a good boy, he came back with a cookie, fresh-baked and wrapped in plastic wrap.
me: Thanks - did you ask what kind it is to make sure there's no coconut? There's no ingredient list.
Joe: I asked but the guy wasn't sure. It's the only kind of cookie they had.
me: Okay, cool, thanks.
So I visually examined the cookie, sniffed it (at which point the kid next to me seemed frightened), and finally handed Joe a bite of cookie so he could make sure there was no coconut - I didn't want to start off the trip with hives. And guess what? Coconut. Joe brought me a poison cookie!!!

While Joe enjoyed eating my cookie (mind out of the gutter, Andy), being that he does not share my coconut affliction, I poked a bit of fun at him, saying he couldn't handle the fact that I wasn't sick as hell with anxiety over the trip so he was determined to make me feel miserable by tricking me with a poison cookie. (To be fair to Joe, he did then go find me a non-poison cookie and it was delicious.)

The incident was then forgotten until our flight home. "Lunch" on the plane included a dessert of - wait for it - coconut cookies. Really? The food on the tray that I wasn't allergic to was barely edible and then they tried to kill me with poison cookies? I guess customer service has gone downhill! Unfortunately, there were no non-poison cookies available, not even for purchase at an exorbitant price.

And so that's how our round-trip came completely full-circle. Not only did we return to our geographical starting point but we also started and ended the trip with poison cookies.


Melinda said...

Allergies suck! Especially allergies that limit cookie intake.

Rachel Cotterill said...

And you have to look quite hard to find coconut biscuits, if you actually want them!

blognut said...

I simply refuse to be allergic to cookies. Period.

mo.stoneskin said...

I had no idea you were allergic to cats AND had cats. Presumably for consistency's sake you're going to stock up on coconut cookies?

uthostage said...

WTH? You can get every type of meal under the sun, & yet they can't seem to give you a non-poison cookie????? That is just so wrong.

C. Beth said...

Next thing you know, the airlines will be charging for carry on baggage.... :)

Jeanie said...

Who knew there was so much hidden (or non-hidden) coconut around us.
I'm sure, well, pretty sure, Joe wasn't trying to poison you.

Jazzbumpa said...

Well look at the bright side. There was SYMMETRY!


P.S. Get rid of the cat.

Tabitha said...

Allergies are the worst! But you are definitely fortunate not to have a lot of food allergies... I, sadly, suffer from basically every allergy EVER in history. Pollen, dust, pet dander, and tons of weird, uncommon food allergies: sesame, mustard, avocado, most raw fruits and veggies (sometimes organic is okay)'s not fun. And my husband (also named Joe) has NO allergies to anything at all, and can never relate to my anal ingredient-checking or the fact that no, I really can't eat salad. Ever.

PS - I don't comment often, but I've realized that by using OpenID or Name/URL, you totally don't get my email address to reply to comments.'s You can also contact me via the Contact page on my blog. :-P No pressure!