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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Migraine Rhymes With Pain (Not a Coincidence)

Note: I didn't write a post for today. And I don't feel like writing one. So instead I'm pulling this post out of the drafts and publishing without really looking it over again because I don't even feel like editing a post.

This post makes more sense if you watch the show Lost. But it doesn't discuss any spoilers. And it still might not be funny.

Last week, I experienced one hell of a migraine. Truthfully, I'm surprised I was able to gain control of it without heading into the emergency room for shots. Grateful, though. It's always preferable to avoid hours wasted in the ER while they inject chemicals into my booty.

One of the side effects of migraines (for me - they vary greatly for each person) is dysnomia. You may remember seeing it in action before, back when I tried to buy celery. Anyways, that inability to recall the correct word is called dysnomia. Here's an example from my recent migraine adventure:
me: yeah, wth up with no lost last week
err, next week
dysnomia ftw
chixor: are you time travelling now too?
am i talking to sideways cate or real timeline cate
me: alternate universe cate
chixor: lol
me: I've gone "off-island"
and by "off-island", i mean "completely cuckoo"
So at least she was able to give me a laugh over my mix up. And if I could time travel alongside Desmond? Rawr! Sign me up for more migraines!


Kathy said...

Hey Cate,I feel your pain on the migraines and the crazy brain... I've recently began experiencing migranes...also lots of other weird brain fun :(

Cat said...

dysnomia...just one good example of 'why' we 'migraineurs 'know' migraines are not 'just headaches'...

headaches go away with a couple of tylenol... migraines do not. this is a neurological disease. I hope you have a good dr!

dysnomia is no joke either, though after the fact we do laugh at ourselves! :) feel free to chat me up if you need to!

Georgina said...

Hope you are feeling better. I just swear at people when I get migraines. Is there a word for that? - G

Sassy Britches said...

You'll have to tear Desmond away from me first. :)

SparkleFarkle said...

Wow! So weird, this language migraines make. I think you should take full advantage of the only redeeming value a bad headache has by purposely blogging the "flavorful" dialog it produces for you each time you have one. P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry you have to suffer the pain of the Top Story Nasties.

Princess Andy said...

i remember back when i started my chemically induced happy/"calm the fuck down" pills.

massive brain hurt-y.

i wanted to curl up in the dark and not move.

so i totally sympathize with you.

also, maybe you should try to buy some of the meds the ER shoots into you on the interwebz and then you can just get joe to poke ya.

<3 andrea

p.s. on second thought, i probably wouldn't buy drugs thru the online pharmacy. never know what's gonna be in that shit. like drano.

C. Beth said...

I appreciate you telling me there wouldn't be any spoilers so I could read the whole post!

Dysnomia is so cool. But not as cool as time travel. You're super duper cool.

Toriz said...

Sorry about the migrane.

Time travel would be really cool!