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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mouse Patrol

Every year, a mouse manages to make his way into our home. Every year, Tonya and Rusty are completely worthless. Rusty wants to play with Mr. Mouse. He caught one in his mouth one time, it squealed, he let it go and ran away afraid. Tonya does a quick inspection and usually decides she's more interested in a naptime. Oh, great hunters. Thanks for earning your keep nothing.

Last night, just before bedtime, I went downstairs to tell Joe goodnight and we heard a noise in the kitchen. We realized it was coming from inside the pantry (just a small closet with shelves). Since we knew it was neither of the cats, it was obviously an intruder. From the amount of noise it was making, it seemed pretty certain it was a raccoon. However, turns out it was just a mouse.

We spent an hour trying to catch the mouse. This involved Joe using a combination of tupperware and a flyswatter (as a guiding mechanism, not a swatting weapon) and me weilding a flashlight. Usually perched on top of the counter.

Eventually, we gave up. We set a non-hurty trap (which is really just code for non-effective) and stuffed a towel under the door so he couldn't get out. Because, you know, we were going to starve him to death. In our pantry. Where we keep all the food. "Thanks for the towel to keep the cats out! I'll be in here with this giant box of Cheerios!" We then barricaded the kitties in our bedroom so they wouldn't spend the night slamming around the kitchen playing with the mouse and keeping us awake. This meant that they spent the night prowling around our bedroom keeping us awake.

When I left for work this morning, Joe was preparing to make another attempt at Operation: Mouse Rescue.
Joe: I got him! but he ate our Scottish tablet (note: it's kinda like fudge)
me: so he's outside? or squarshed?
Joe: ouside
coaxed him into garage
set up a barricade made of two big cardboard boxes, a brownie box, gallon of paint, snow shovel...and flyswatter for coaxing
me: coaxing? or chasing the hell out of/poking? ;)
Joe: i talked to him
me: oh, that's good. Mouse Whisperer.
Joe: he came out about a dozen times but kept making u turn
finally he made the right choice
me: i'm sure it was a really tough decision for him to make.
which he had all night to ponder while eating our souvenirs.
Joe: i said last chance for freedom...else come the shoes of death
me: i'm glad you were able to get him outside and not squish him
out in the yard with the snake.
btw, you know all of this is going in my blog, right?
Joe: of course
After hearing all of this, there was only one thought to be had. My husband is a hero! We have a box of brownies?

P.S. Joe also informs me that the little mouse ate all the peanut butter out of the trap. But was not caught in it. Fail! Also, that mouse must've weighed about 5 lbs judging by everything he ate last night!


Semi-Hippie Solo Mama said...

Wait a minute. I thought mice wouldn't come in just smelling that cats live there. Do your cats not smell like cats? lol

Betty said...

"me....perched on top of the counter".....that would be me! Or hanging from the light fixture! Ewwww!

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like you two had so much fun trying to catch the mouse. The mouse provided your evening's entertainment.

Melinda said...

Glad that you got rid of the little bugger. Maybe it was Remy from Ratatouille, not at all afraid of humans or cats. Stupid mouse! You would think he had the brain the size of a pea or something. ...Oh wait a minute!

Princess Andy said...

best way to catch mice without killing them?

sticky traps.

but good luck getting them off it.

i had one that came as an extra passenger with my couch a few years ago...i was sitting down talking with the boyfriend when something brushed across my back. when i realized that my hair wasn't that long, thus began a three hour escapade of mice versus the "newfie who will never concede defeat until the death of one participant".

'twas awesome entertainment. the dog just sat around watching us in silent amusement.

or silent scoffing.

fat bastard.

<3 andrea

Toriz said...

Well, if he's a mouse whisperer, why didn't he just talk to the stupid mouse last night? Then you would have gotten him out before he ate your Scottish fudge. Mind you, then you wouldn't have known you had brownies. LOL!

Grand Pooba said...

Wow, all that for a mouse?!

InspiredDreamer said...

mmmmmm... brownies. :)

Margaret said...

Your cats sound like my cats except my cats bring the mice in to play with them til they get bored with them.

Jeanie said...

Eek! I'm not sure I would have been quite as "supportive" as you were or quite as humane.

C. Beth said...

Ha! So now there's a mouse that's so fat he won't be able to find a way in--too fat to fit in whatever hole he originally used. You guys are smart!!

Joanie M said...

We got mice every year, without fail.

five years ago I got 2 cats. I haven't seen a mouse in the house since.

I do have a question though...

"me wielding a flashlight. Usually perched on top of the counter."

Is it you or the flashlight perched on top of the counter?