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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rebel for a Cause

Tonya here. No, it's not First Fursday. Get over it. I don't really care to play by the rules. No cats on the counter. Don't eat long-haired human's breakfast. Only post on First Fursday. Whatever.

I'm reporting on Rusty's attempt to raise $250 ($1 per comment) for Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month.
31 comments on Rusty's original post plus 18 comments mentioning Rusty or the cause on Six Word Caturday for a total of 49 comments out of a possible 250.

Lame, people. I spend 23.5 hours a day sleeping and even I could do better than that.

So in order to prove that I do have a heart, I'm going to round up the 49 comments Rusty solicited with $51 of my own. Yeah, I know it's not technically money. Seriously, you humans are so uptight about things like ownership and legalities and guidelines. Nobody gave Rusty a hard time when he decided to donate the humans' money without their knowledge. Stupid double standards.

This means an even $100 to PetSmart Charities in recognition of Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. It also means I'm still better than Rusty.

P.S. I think what Tonya is trying to say is thank you to everyone who commented and spread the word. But there's no way I'd dare put words (or fingers) in her mouth.


Kathy said...

We love you, too, Tonya! What a great charity to donate to! Have a "restful" day...your distant furry cousin "Bobs" is in my bed as I write...

Melinda said...

Oh great and glorious Tanya, thank you for rounding up. Awesome charity!

mo.stoneskin said...

I've often found that cats struggle to say what they mean, so I'm glad Cate clarified.

Donnetta said...

Dang...Tonya is one GREAT fundraiser!

C. Beth said...

You kitty cats are so generous!