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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


One of my pals, @dpringle, is conducting a really cool art swap, almost completely coordinated over Twitter. He started simply by just tweeting to see if there would be any interest and it's grown into an international exchange!

Since we all lead busy lives, David and I conducted a little interview via email:

What inspired you to start ArtSwap2010?

As an artist, I am constantly watching what other artists are working on. Twitter allows us to see art as it is created in real-time by artists from all around the world. From time-to-time I see a piece that moves me and I would love to look at daily. I have seen other artists arrange simple swaps amongst each other because they feel the same way. One day I decided that it would fun to approach it from a perspective of a 'blind' swap; where each artist is assigned another artist to whom they would send their piece.

Why is sharing art so important to you?

Art speaks to so many people on so many levels. It has the power to change perspectives and stir emotions. It seems like some of the cultural embrace of art is lessening. I felt that sharing by swapping would inspire and unite.

Have you taken part in anything like this before or are you aware of anything similar?

I haven't participated in anything like this before, nor have I heard of anything similar. As I said earlier, I know other artists swap selectively amongst themselves, but I have never heard of anything similar to ArtSwap2010.

What has been the biggest surprise so far regarding response to ArtSwap2010?

I was completely surprised by the outpouring of support from other artists. I was worried that the 'blind' aspect of this swap would keep artists from participating. It seems like it has actually been a drawing point--the mystique.

Any plans to do another swap in the future?

Since the response has been so positive, we have 43 participants so far, I believe I will do another swap in the future. I would consider organizing another in six months to a year. I have learned from this event. I would probably give more time for getting the word out the next time around.

David also added that:
Many artists are creating original pieces specifically for this project and are posting updates to twitter. After the event is completed, I'm going to be asking artists to post photos of themselves with their newly-acquired art. I plan on posting some on the site and linking to some of the photos out on twitter.

ArtSwap2010 has its own official site (, an official Twitter hashtag (#ArtSwap2010), and even an official list of tweeting participants.

There's still plenty of time if any of my crafty readers want to get involved. You must enter at the official site by May 19 and mail your art by May 26. Open to all artists, all mediums, worldwide! Just yesterday, someone signed up from Tasmania. Tasmania, people!!! How cool would it be to swap your art with a creative soul in Tasmania?!?!

Oh, and do yourself a favor. When you go to the site to sign-up for ArtSwap2010, check out David's portfolios. His paintings and photos are definitely worth a look.

Because people are freaks - I was not compensated for this post. Unless you count the fact that by copying and pasting the text of his email and then just fluffing it out with details as "compensation" because I didn't have to write my own original post for the day.


C. Beth said...

I keep thinking about signing up for David's ArtSwap. I'm not really an artist but I like creating art.... I have to decide if I have the confidence to do it as an untrained artist, and if I want to take the time. What's the deadline for signing up?

mo.stoneskin said...

Artswap sounds a fabulous idea/movement/way of life. If I was an artist and (faithful) Twitter user I would be involved.

Toriz said...

Cool idea!

Dave said...

A new swap is set for November 17th, 2010!

Registration is open!

it is dedicated to @kme05