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Friday, May 14, 2010

Chicken Scratch

It has recently come to my attention that my handwriting resembles that of a high school student. In fact, if you compare my current class notes with those I took for American History, I'm fairly certain they're almost identical.

Except I've recently stopped dotting my Is with little hearts.

When I was talking this over with SomeMonkey (because, really, I don't even decide which socks to wear in the morning without discussing it with her first), I was complaining that I hate the inconsistent mishmash that is my current penmanship "style". Sometimes I even write the same letter completely differently in the same word. She said she does this too and believes it's a sign of intelligence and creativity - or possibly inconsistency and self-esteem issues. I was going to say it was indicative of multiple personality disorder but her reasoning works as well.

Anyways, that made me wonder if it's possible to change your handwriting? I'm not just talking neater - I mean a completely different style. A quick Google search seems to indicate that it's possible. I found this link on eHow and a bunch of books on Amazon. Unfortunately, most of those books seem to think that instead of writing like a teenager, I should revert to second grade, all proper-like. But overall, it seems like it can be done if you're just mindful of what you're doing and practice a lot.

So do I keep writing like my oily-faced, big-haired, NKOTB-loving teenage self and embrace my inner-psychopath? Or do I sneak in a little handwriting revision therapy?

Yeah, these really are the kinds of issues I think about when I'm supposed to be doing other things but my brain won't let me focus. Someone has to tackle important issues like this - might as well be me!


Melinda said...

I think that you and I are soul sisters. We have the same handwriting issues and my mind tends to wander to things like this as well. I don't think you should try to change your handwriting, it is a part of who you are. Besides we are busy, important women...who has time to write neatly?

C. Beth said...

I actually DON'T think it looks like a high schooler. Except the heart at the end of the handwriting sample. I think as long as you stop putting hearts at the end of all your work memos, you will be fine.

Autumn in jeans said...

I still dot my i's with hearts :P Especially when writing my girls' names. I think it's cute. Hey I'm short enough and often confused with high schoolers, I can still write like one! Right?

Mr. Condescending said...

Interesting post Cate!

I am actually a hobbyist calligrapher, and I can guarantee you that you can change your handwriting style. Pickup a cheap calligraphy set at a craft store or something and just practice a nice script like italic or something. When you really look hard at the way letters are formed you'll see how to transfer it to your casual writing.

Plus, writing with a fountain pen and a broad 'nib' will make your writing look extra fancy by itself.

Joanie M said...

I used to have nice handwriting. After all, I did 12 years of Catholic school. Good penmanship was practically beaten into us! Now? Not so much. I write a combination of cursive and printing, often in the same word!

Toriz said...

Hmm... Well, that would depend on how you feel about your handwriting. Does it bother you that your handwriting is like that? Or was it justt an observation? Because, if it was just an observation, then stick with the creative version. If it bothers you, then work on a type of handwriting that you are happy using.

It's lucky you're taking the time to consider such important issues during your free time. I don't know what would happen to this world if you didn't!

MJenks said...

When I was in the 4th grade, my penmanship was so atrocious that I was actually getting marked off on MATH problems because of my writing.

So, I went and redid everything. And I did it in that sort of 2nd grade forceful slow, methodical handwriting. Eventually, I got better at being neater and now I write clearly and cleanly quickly.

Of course, that might also have been the beginning of my OCD issues...

Caty said...

flash back wow! I say keep rocking on with your current's who you are!!! If we all wrote the same neat boring would that be?

Faith said...

I don't think it looks bad (other than as C.Beth said - the heart has to go.)
If you want to change your handwriting, go back & start over. Re-teach yourself the proper way to write letters. It will feel like 2nd grade, but if you are slow & deliberate you can change your handwriting.

blognut said...

OMG! I have wondered this exact thing time and again. You know how they say a handwriting analyst can tell things about you through your writing? I wonder if we can change those qualities we don't like by changing our writing?

Can you study this and let me know, because my writing indicates that am not only sloppy, but also lazy.