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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Man's Best Friend

SomeMonkey: Ellen just showed a video
a dog ran a mile and a half from his home
which was on fire
and led a police car to it
me: wow
SomeMonkey: and then ran back to the mile and a half away intersection
and led the fire truck
that's the dog i need
me: and then ran back and got hit by the ambulance?
SomeMonkey: lmao
straight to hell
me: sorry

Except I wasn't really sorry. I thought it was pretty funny. Don't all of these stories end with the dog dying before the end credits?


C. Beth said...

Totally evil. I have it on good information that your heaven will now be pet-free.

(Evil...but funny. Don't tell my dog I said that.)

Melinda said...

The good guy always finishes last. (You are evil though.)

Toriz said...

Yeah, usually. But some of them have happy endings, you know!

Princess Andy said...

that's the kind of sh!t story people make up so that they can be on the *today show* talking to katie couric.

probably they paid off the policeman also.

i think maybe i'm feeling kind of cynical today.

<3 andy

TechnoBabe said...

Great story if it is true though. I like to be in the Lassie frame of mind.

blognut said...

C'mon! Is that true?

And, yeah, you might be a little evil, but it's not wrong.

uthostage said...

I thought it was hilarious! But then again I'm a cat person. With feline-cidal tendancies. ;)