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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One of Those Days

There's a reason I like to blog the night before - it's mornings like this. Wowie, have I ever been off and running!

On the way to work, I receive an email from a friend that one of the sites I run is down. Due to the number of non-geeks in the room, I'll simplify the situation - my (other) blog go bye bye. I'm still waiting to see if Joe has been properly backing things up.

And then there's the return of the boss after he's been out sick Friday and Monday. He continues to prove his worthiness of his nickname - the Drama Llama. Plus, a coworker that royally screwed up on Thursday is conveniently absent today. So much telling-Cate-of-the-omg-crisis.

Today is also the day that everyone and their mother has decided to give out MY phone number at work and tell them I'm responsible for 100 things that I have absolutely nothing to do with. I'm about to take the phone off the hook.

So all of that is why I should remember to write a post the night before - I can't always count on a quiet morning to come up with something brilliant. Instead, I turn to my friend SomeMonkey for a bit of inspiration and she comes up with an experiment.

One day, when I was feeling really down about finally signing my divorce papers, I decided to go for a walk in the woods. As I turned a corner, a tiger pounced on me and tried to eat my face. Instead, I whacked him in the head with a golf club. The end.

It's a bit of a search engine experiment, you see. A few popular keywords used out of context. Yeah, I'm easily amused. I hope you are too because this post sucks. I'll make it a point to write something worthwhile for tomorrow.


Melinda said...

Clever. I might have to try the keyword post sometime to see if my visits spike. Hopefully Joe will have backed up everything on your other blog and all will be well. If not I will send wine.

Princess Andy said...

you write well for not being prepared, my love <3

right now i'm eating oreos...trying to see if i can conjure up some iota of work ethic by lunch.

but probably i'll just go home.


Betty said...

I´m still waiting for some of your vacation photos and story's....

Toriz said...

Hope the day gets better!

mo.stoneskin said...

Is this a bad time to tell you that I accidentally told the World that your mobile number was in fact Jack Bauer's?

blognut said...

I'm sorry. I've been giving out your number because people keep calling me and I have no desire to be helpful today. I may actually set you as my auto-forward number for a few days so I can eat cookies like Andy is doing.

Jeanie said...

This post does not suck. And thank you for simplifying the explanation about what was going on with your other blog. I take it as a personal favor to me.

C. Beth said...

I like SomeMonkey's story.